Sunday, 5 September 2010

now i hate my mum. bitch!

went to ck's birthday party last night anyway. if i can't rest for 10 seconds without having to get up to run an errand i may as well dress up, go out play and meet new people and/or drown my sorrows in vodka.

it was fun though i wasn't close to anybody going, even the host. we got lost on the way to seremban but the extra time gave us time to talk crap and kid around in the car.

when we finally did reach [lesson learnt: gps can never replace human instructions], it was good to see all the 'au bunch' :) we ate [sadly, the lok lok car didn't have my fave si-ham, so i didn't touch it at all], then progressed to playing drinking games in ck's room.

at 12am fann called telling me i have to fetch eugene and yuki to the airport tomorrow. wtf?! so last minute! i rode in my friend's car and the estimated return time is 5am! what s wrong with her?! seriously i've been running enough last second errands for her! what kind of full-time housewife can't even keep track of her one maid's medical checkup deadline?! what is wrong with her?!

anyway our limits during the game were non-existent. haha learned some juicy stuff. and realized there are a lot of virgins in the world. wild.

we finally left at 5am. bryan wanted to yam cha so we stopped at a mamak in kajang where the muslims were having their pre-fast breakfast. i was so sleepy i managed to choke on my maggi goreng. where i found the genki-ness to drive home is beyond me. i remember nearly crashing and praying a lot.

ish talked to dad just now. he's so calm that i can't even be bothered to be annoyed at mum anymore. minimum interaction = maximum happiness all round.

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