Thursday, 16 September 2010


today was the day from hell. woke this morn and was already feeling foul when i saw my breakfast of sweet potato leaves cooked in water with a drop of olive oil. was leaving when mum called me back to the patio where we dine.

'yes?' i asked a couple of times. she looked at me, ignored me, then turned to yell something to fann. what the FUCK?! is she kidding me?! i totally lost it and we started fighting aka she screamed at me. jesus i'm getting a headache just typing this.

thankfully, was saved by the bell but then she decided she wanted to tumpang our car to subang. she screamed in the car all through the half hour journey you'd think fann and i were fucking her or similar. seriously i was super fucked up when i finally tumbled out of the car at monash. couldn't do much except lie on a bench in the shade and plug my earphones into my ears.

walau eh can't take this shit much longer. i fucking want to kill myself every time she starts.

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