Saturday, 16 October 2010

the boy with the e class

i have a high school friend A who is rich. and cute. and generous. his father owns a group of SBUs, all in steel manufacturing. i met him at yee's birthday dinner last night. because i was the only girl at the after-dinner scouts' drinks session, the brothers kept egging me to 'up' him [literal chinese translation].

the evil sohfong kept hissing, 'realistic!' as A and i hunched over his iPad, looking for my ancestral village to see if we come from the same place.

i know i can be quite vocal about my desire to continue my current lifestyle.. forever. my mum loves scaring me with the story of this wealthy girl who married into poverty and couldn't adapt. and my maternal aunts and uncle support her with 'you don't know how difficult it is to be poor' paired with this intense expression on their faces.

but recently i have also seen some of my bloody rich friends lose all their money. to go from being chauffeured around in a jag to being forced to drop out of uni is harsh. and i thought, what if the wives married for money?! now they're broke with 3 kids to support! 

thus i'll never marry just for money. and i'll never get together with a guy who has the same surname! it's like getting it on with my brother!


kent said...

so A is a lim ?

MiN said...

yep we come from different parts of China but i still feel geli

LiShian♥ said...

A is not bad wat...china is quite big~~ think abt it XD

MiN said...

i don't even wanna think about what u guys did lol
i'm from zhao an :)

LiShian♥ said...

what we had done?
oh~~ my dear, we are so pure~

At least he required the two mainly condition you want XD

MiN said...

pure? sure? what 2 manly conditions? money and.. more money? lol

LiShian♥ said...

200% sure ^^ no worries.

rich and young XD good enough?

MiN said...

preferably rich and OLD hahaha

LiShian♥ said...

rich n old. sure you can get one oldman with e class lar~~~~ 周街都系~~