Friday, 1 October 2010

double standards

diu. early morning wake up fought with mum. really she's so effing ridiculous sometimes.

the neighbor's daughter flunked a unit at uni. whenever me and fann failed a subject in high school, she'd scream, 'r u IDIOTS? that's the minimum requirement! you're not up to par!!'

this time she mused, 'wow it must be a really good uni with high standards.'

what. the. fuck?!

today she said, 'look at isabella [hk actress]. she's 21 this year and a mum of 3. it takes a lot of maturity to be a mother, u know.'

fuck you. what happened to all the 'stay clean, love yourself' crap she fed me before i left for au, the land of delicious golden boys?

it's bad enough that my friends find it funny i'm still a virgin. now my mum, too? fuck you all.

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