Saturday, 2 October 2010


i have a group of clubbing kaki [actually i m their kaki lah] whom i super like to go clubbing with.

it used to be because the guys pay for the booze.

then i had to start paying up [the guys got smart and realized we girls love clubbing more than them thus are willing to pay] but i still like the group best.

why why why?

well the guys in the group are pretty cute. and TALL! very important!

last night i went to zouk and i realized that my friends are cute too but none above 178cm!! which is how tall a guy has to be before he attempts to get fresh with me. easier to dance with taller guys also [because i m a tall girl haha]

so to my below-178cm guy buddies looking for action.. got milk?


wow when did i become so perasan and mean?

but dad wasn't impressed by me breezing in at 4.30am. he claimed i stumbled in and threw up. wtf?!

i know my alcohol tolerance is non existent and all males in their 20s are horny shit so i usually only take 2 drinks per night out, which s the recommended maximum set by the au health department.

not an idiot ok blablabla

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