Thursday, 7 October 2010


this is fish, who just returned from an enviable backpacking trip across europe, korea and taiwan. not sure if he went to japan and don't wanna know because i just might make sashimi out of him in a jealous fit.

yang'd bet that i would post about fish. i hate it when yang is right but i couldn't help myself. of all my friends fish is the most adventurous. when he wanted to backpack across europe, he did it. alone.

i hate travelling alone because there's no one to watch your bags when you go to the toilet. no one to take photos of you. no one to share food with.

but when fish got lonely he just went online and searched for a travel partner. when he told me i went, weren't you worried that she might be a kidnapper blablabla?! 

he says it's tougher for girls as we might get raped whilst guys just get robbed. anyway he had a wonderful time and a lot of First-times. quite smug about it too.

fish: have you seen a nude man before?
me: does your nude photos count?
fish: *regretting his attempt at being a smart ass* no.. a real one.

my bros r so funny.

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