Monday, 18 October 2010

stories about ahma-- my great-grandfather

ahma has been staying with us over the weekend. whenever she visits i eat 3 square meals a day instead of subsisting on cookies and assorted refined carbs + sugar.

she was telling me about her childhood. apparently sri gading is her original home, though she was forced to evacuate the village during the Japanese Occupation. she talked wistfully of her father, who was handsome and doting, even if he is stupid as well [she said it!].

ahma's father had a fine, straight, upturned nose.. and he sent his daughters to school! i had always been surprised to hear that ahma is kinda educated-- she had to quit because of the war. ahma's dad adored his children-- ahma's big brother, ahma, lao yi, ahma's little sister in singapore and ahma's baby brother. believing that cod liver oil was good for children, ahma's father bribed his offspring [and 2 adopted members of his family] with 1sen to consume a spoonful of the fishy stuff daily.

haha it was very bittersweet when ahma described how she and her siblings would line up to swallow the 'vile liquid' in exchange for the 1sen which can buy a Popsicle.

the men in ahma's family were downright unlucky during the war. the father's sundries shop was looted during the war, and he had the idea of burying all his money in a shallow hole beside a busy street. it was stolen and the family went broke. they had nothing.

worse, when the brits left us to fend for ourselves, they discarded their weapons anywhere and everywhere. malay bandits picked them up and began robbing left, right and center. one night when the family were hiding in a relative's home, robbers came and kicked at the door, demanding to be let in. failing which the thieves attempted to climb up to the attic and enter from there.

the relative doused the robbers with acid and blinded him. the bandits, mad with pain and fury, fired a couple of shots into the attic, and both bullets hit ahma's father-- one on the right side of his neck and the other near his hip. he died then and there.

poor ahma.. anyhoo typing this is making me feel a bit melancholy so click here to see cute ahma talking about more everyday stuff. [m having major fun with my new iphone 4! ;p]

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