Tuesday, 30 November 2010

homemade tempura

yesterday i had a morning shift [bliss].
i'm a morning person.
dad woke at 6am so he could drive me to work [bliss] where i opened starbucks, supervised by my cute manager [bliss]. he's quite a looker, feel free to come and ask for lam.

the annoying japanese man [ajm] who likes leaning against the counter with his penetrating stare as i fix his iced caffe latte came as usual.
i know they're used to fast-fast-fast! but they make me so nervous!!
what's more irritating is that the most asking-to-be-slapped customer has the type of looks i like-- skinny, small eyes, defined nose.

the ajm's friend chanted, 'quick quick quick!' as i struggled to make multiple cups of coffee with just one coffee machine-- the other one broke down.
to distract him, i asked him if he's japanese in japanese.
ok, it's obvious that i know he's japanese but my japanese is extremely limited so that's the only phrase i could come up with.
he replied in japanese but i only caught the 'yes' and 'thank you'.
haha bad idea but i finished his drink as he was talking so whee! :D

a lot of beautiful people come to starbucks with gorgeous accessories-- the thin new mac, designer bags..
it's quite enjoyable checking them out.
though i told my colleague a guy is cute and she's like, 'it's obvious he's gay!'

;;;;; kent please stop reading here as i'll be writing about you and it's awkward;;;;;

i love opening shifts because i have the rest of the day at my disposal after 3pm :)
yesterday's plan was to visit kent.
he owed me a home cooked meal as i'd helped him plan a fortnight's holiday for his au friend rhys.
but i had to eat with his family, which freaked me out because i can't remember the last time i dined with another family alone.
adults also scare me, which is irrational, as i'm already an adult myself.

 tempura, garlic butter cream dip, stir fry veg, fried fish with tomato sauce, steamed broccoli [to go with dip]

very worth it for the feast!
just like what those poster families eat in dramas!
there were also fresh abalone [he went abalone fishing in perth!] and herbal chicken.
all yummy and cooked by the men in his family haha!

my ulcer will never heal at this rate. 
-taken using pudding camera but macam no difference?

i never touch tempura because they're usually soggy but these are awesome!
i totally threw caution to the wind and ate with happy abandon!
drank a bit of choya some more.

kent's parents are nice but i still felt.. the way one would feel after working for 8 hours in starbucks.. dried split milk on my shirt.. coffee stains on my pants.. greasy face.. haven't seen my waxer in 2 months.. not my best moment to be impinging on people!

very much anticipating the next meal, when i will hopefully be freshly scrubbed, waxed and wearing clean clothes.

awesome hanging out with friends-- fei fei was there until 7pm.
and kent's beagle richie is nice to see but not nice to hold.
he gave me a couple of nasty scratches!

Friday, 26 November 2010

how to talk more?

when i was in primary school all my report cards said quite talkative in class!

now my senior manager, assistant managers and colleagues all describe me as quiet.
i enjoy solitude as much as i like going out.

the thing is, starbucks baristas are never quiet.
they talk incessantly.
in fact, oto sales staff also yak nonstop.
all my friends chat chat chat.

wow sounds like something wrong with me.
i portrayed a semi bubbly image during the interview, now my interviewer aka senior manager feels betrayed!
haha sorry i am making the effort to open my mouth [and smile] more.
but it doesn't feel natural just yet.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

fisherman's cove

this is my autopilot expression! ish
ps. this is also me in full makeup

on saturday i attended eva's 21st birthday dinner at fisherman's cove.
haven't kept in touch at all after graduation but she bumped into me at mv and i decided it would be nice to do something apart from work.

honestly i can go for days without talking to anybody except a few grunts at home.


star hill is all dim lighting and art which i don't get.
there was so much going on that i felt a bit disoriented-- different lights at every turn, one second it's wooden floors and then it's pebbled..


i have this dream [which is on my List of things to do before i die] where the love of my life and i will go to one of those cozy little restaurants with either small lamps or a fat little candle on a tiny table.
there will be tablecloths and wine.. it will be the type of restaurants where people propose. successfully.

then we will share a lingering kiss over the table [which is very, very small; so no awkward leaning and accidentally tipping the table over] because we're so so so so so in love.

ok confession-- i copied this scene 100% from desperate housewives.

in reality dark lights make me drowsy.
i despise small tables because i need space for all the food i'm gonna order.
i'm super particular about bad breath so we can only kiss after we drink water and before the food comes.
plus i'm not much of a wine sipper.
i can do shots at parties but that's about it.
alcohol also makes me sleepy.
and i'm not that into fine dining.
ish my fantasy!!


anyhoo i didn't take much photos because i was rabidly starving.
the first time i make it to an event on time the hosts are an hour late =.=
the food is considered good but overpriced due to location.

syva with the most delicious bread ever

when i saw syva in this dress my first thought was, we have similar style. except my dress would be shorter.
but when i couldn't stop staring at her cleavage i finally understand why mum is always fretting about my skimpy wardrobe.

but go fisherman's cove and try their amazing bread.
i can only describe it as real.
this bread is how bread should taste like!
you feel like you're eating something
[just had a bad experience with some oddly clammy gardenia bread. suspect it'd expired].

the birthday girl's very conservative bf

they've been going out 2 months and still haven't held hands!!
why?! why why??!!!

i was quite excited about sampling squid ink pasta but it tasted.. inky.
argh i guess i'm doomed to a life of cheap economy rice and similar!!

and just so you know how little i drink, i couldn't even finish my wine.

big cutlery for attacking seafood

too bad i'm not much of a seafood kinda girl.
my preferences are

1. veg
2. soup
3. fish/chicken
4. red meat/seafood
5. carbs

because meat gives me zits.
but eating veg when dining out usually makes my dining partners uncomfortable, so i usually don't.
unless if i've been really really constipated.

kay li eating wild mushroom cream soup

yum yum YUM!
i also heart the Full House lunch set-- caesar salad.
i love the soup there; most people don't.

somebody annoyed me during dinner, but can't rant in case the person reads this.

they made a ruckus and drove some diners away ;p oops

by 11pm i was worrying about having to get up early to do opening shift at 7am.

everybody except the bf

i was under-dressed in my blouse and ripped denim shorts, every other girl wore a dress.

they took a gazillion more photos.. then opened the gifts.. then went to pavilion to take yet more shots..
christmas decorations are up :)
gorgeous but i was too exhausted to even take out my phone.

convincing my friends to re-enact a scene from hana yori dango [japanese f4]

it's the opening soundtrack where f4 holds hands with makino and they run around in a circle.
i like running around in circles.
must do it once every night out.

birthday girl

lun, all-round-nice-guy. a teensy bit eccentric haha

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

starbucks barista

i always thought starbucks baristas are very cool, the way they take my order, then call out something incomprehensible, snap snap, i get my calorie-laden heart-attack-in-a-cup.

but when you're on the receiving end of the grandegreentealattenowhiplowfat you just wanna slap the cashier.
you think you sound very breezy ah?!!

super disoriented first day at work.
heaps to remember-- where everything is kept, all the duties, how to clock in/out, how to redeem my employee meal/beverages, where all the stocks are, the gazillion drinks recipes..

my job seeking thus far has been optimistic.
every application has been successful.
nobody seems to mind the fact that i'll need to take a week off in dec.
maybe even firms with serious positions will be open to interviewing me?

starbucks interview

woke at 5am and set out at 6am to catch the 6.30am train so i can be at work at 7am.
brutal but at least i get off at 3pm and have time to eat at home and cuddle coco.

i was surprised they hired me on the spot after an hour-long interview [which i had during my break from my previous sales job].
as i wasn't amazing at selling myself.

what are your biggest achievements?
my mind went blank.
think think think!
nobody gets to 21 without accomplishing something worthy.
i jabbered some nonsense about surviving peking subway at 8am.
[i am very proud of that. after you fight with true chinese you have no fear].

after the interview i remembered something my friend considered her finest achievement-- conquering mt. kk.
i did that when i was 17 but it didn't feel like something major.
it was more like--

1. parents said, 'let's hike up mt. kk.'
2. so i trained for it.
3. and then did it.

but jeez it would've sounded so much better than the peking subway ride.

;;;;; another pre typed post ;;;;;

haha i really like talking about myself online.. but in real life am fairly quiet.

my assistant manager frankie commented about how serious/unhappy i look when i'm not smiling.
everybody at work keeps asking me if i'm okay.
i know i come across as unfriendly and better-than-thou when i'm not smiling.. it's my autopilot expression.
i even have this bored look on my face when i'm daydreaming about vacations!
am making a concentrated effort to smile more.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

the 3rd lesson

i suck at accounting.
mr yee suggested we give extra discounts to clients which will reduce our commission but increase overall pay.

say the company says product A's lowest price is rm750.
i get paid 5% on every purchase.
if i sell product A at rm750, my commission will be rm750 x 5% = rm37.50

if the customer is willing to buy at rm740, i can decrease my commission to rm27.50, but that's an additional rm27.50 i get compared to if i don't seal the deal.

so obvious kan?
i'm always blindly following rules ish.

;;;;; this is a pre-typed post because i had a lot to share;;;;

today is actually my 3rd day at starbucks.
i can make most beverages and heat my own meals now.
but it's exhausting!!
and as usual, i'm underpaid!!

however, have decided to stick it out and pretend i'm at boot camp.
i'm sure it's very character building :)

Friday, 19 November 2010


2nd day at work gift from [who else?] mr yee

finally made a couple of sales.
and learned a couple of lessons. mr yee, who owned [owns?] a furniture store, gave us some pointers on cinching deals.

i'm not a smooth operator, so sometimes after i prattle about the specs of the products i'll transform into either a mute or my mum [ie. endless repetition].
mr yee says that customers only want to hear the details once.
then it's time to ask them where they're from and go from there.

tried it on an indian lady who had just visited melbourne.
she's a godsend. melbourne!
we chatted about the food [lygon st! vic market! mr yee says food is most people's favorite subject].
then she bought an eye massager.
ka-ching! 5% commission which is sadly, not even enough to cover the ice cream i bought to celebrate.


lesson #2-- colleagues are not your friends
while i was securing a transaction with a wealthy [and photogenic] iranian family, i asked my supervisor if i could give them additional discounts.
she grabbed this opportunity to approach the family and peddle more products under her name.
ie. she sauntered over, told them there it was the best deal they can offer, and sent me away to prepare the goods when the customers agreed to the purchase.

while i was gone, she convinced the family to buy a neck massager and that's 2.5% commission to her and 0% to me.
it's considered stealing my clients but i let it slide because i'm working at starbucks now anyway.
so never ever let your colleagues talk to your clients when you're not around.
[and never ever entrust your buddy with your boy/girlfriend].

quite some bitching going around.
everybody's saccharine sweet on the surface but when people walk in, it's all-out war.
if you don't shout 'hello, try, sir?' louder than your colleagues you lose.

plus everybody's telling me not to tell the other person blah blah blah
typical workplace behavior.
we're pretty bored when there are no potential customers so a lot of time is spent talking.
my colleagues have honed the art of continuous talking.
i have a short attention span so i just smile and nod, half-stoned.

.. as for the iranian family, i made the 'ok' sign at them!!
argh it's considered obscene/sexually suggestive in the middle east!
ish i remembered only after they left!
had memorized it for finals =.=

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

mr. yee

first-day-at-work gifts

yesterday i had my first official day as a sales assistant.
being a sales girl is like a must-do for every girl-- most of my friends tried it in high school.
now an over-qualified me is being bored senseless by it.

i much preferred waitressing in melbourne-- at least when there were no diners we'd help make entrees or i could sneakily read or use my phone.

here i just tried out all the massage paraphernalia and read the brochures repeatedly.
even accounting feels more appealing compared to this.
lesson learned-- work very, very hard so this doesn't become my future full-time job.

the pay is nauseatingly low, and the ktm comes on an hourly basis!!
more time wasted commuting!


the positive side is that i'm no longer depressed.
the boredom is mind numbing and exhausting, so i just collapse the second i arrive home.

and there's this uncle who wanders around mv every single day with his wife, giving balloons, soft toys and accessories to kids and staff.
they're from ipoh and retired and wealthy enough to indulge in such whimsical behavior.
at least i met someone unique.


will still be continuing job hunting on my off days!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

laundry festival

i closed my blog yesterday because i was depressed and didn't want anybody to see me in such a mess [sorry kent!] but now i'm feeling better as

1. i found a job. yes, it is crappy, boring, tiring and un-fulfilling with low pay but it gets me out of the house and away from all the negativity around it.

2. finally had a day out with my friends. i'd locked myself away during finals, not talking to anybody except for a skype session with kent, a 30-minute phone call from lun and some laughs with fann. that, and plenty of lectures from my parents about my weight, my studies, my lack of boyfriend, yadda yadda why don't they just fuck off?!

it felt amazing to go out and interact with people again :))

interacting with lin's golden retriever Jojo was also fun!

dinner at Hwangsil

the food wasn't fantastic. the spicy soft tofu soup was downright greasy!

lin, who paid too much parking ==
i know i drove, but still a bit paiseh

 view from our table

when we arrived, bus company had already finished their set :( we deliberated if we should enter anyway. then laundry threw in a free t-shirt, and we were sold.

 testing out iphone 4's self-photography + flash functions

neither lin nor i r into the indie music scene. i just don't get all the noise, the headbanging and screaming. but Rosevelt's lead had a good voice. An Honest Mistake's pop feel was more my kinda thing, but the male frontman needs some manners.

picture this-- you're an indie band at a music festival, which is already lukewarm at best. you're trying to peddle your album. you bump into a couple of girls at a tight spot. you do NOT glare at them and push your way through!! failure awaits u, mister.

xuan shan came too!!

i haven't seen XS since i graduated. we used to be classmates and were in a dance crew together. he still has his muscles unlike.. me. but it was awesome seeing him again.

i've always admired XS because he is ambitious and talented but very quiet and zen at the same time. he taught himself how to breakdance-- he's actually one of the better ones i've seen-- and attended theater camp post-graduation. now he's more conventional, doing an events management course.

of course, he is also a guy, and he had to ask the 101 question all guys ask me-- any girls can intro me ah?

geez, do i look like a pimp or something?

together we party!

the dance/head banging space in front of the stage was as empty as my heart. haha gayness! but seriously i wasn't expecting so few people. lin says it's a good opportunity to chat up Bus Company frontman but i don't do anything that doesn't pay off. because i think artsy people will be insulted if i say, 'i only support you because i think you're cute.'

i talked to them once when they performed at Monash and was embarrassed when they asked how i knew their band because i didn't know them prior to the Monash gig.

sundae from Chocolate Lounge

it drizzled after a couple of sets so we wandered around the Street [XS had never been to the Curve!!]. he wanted to meet girls so we met up with ZY and ZY at the Chocolate Lounge.

both are pretty, but both are also taken. XS returned home after we goofed around at the Yeo's roadshow. and we girls stayed til midnight chatting.

S is back and i wanna have coffee with her but.. stupid work!

SY will be in kl tue-fri and i haven't seen her in 2 years but.. stupid work!

kent i'll try to find time for u!


something snapped as i was fed the daily lecture of what a failure i was during breakfast yesterday. i had always looked at life as a trade-off. parents buy me lv bag and sponsor my holidays abroad; in return i strive to be whoever they want me to be. i don't talk back but as mum was ranting on about how lazy/slutty/stupid/useless/messy i am i just thought that even if they bought me all the chanel in the world, all this attack just isn't worth it.

i mean, this woman called me a slut when a couple of indonesian men stole my cell phone in the lrt when i was 17. she's the one with the problem, not me.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


last night i think i had a panic attack. it was bedtime, i was tired but my heart was racing as i laid on my bed and thought about my future. what if i don't graduate? what do i wanna do if i do graduate? over and over and over again. if i had a gun i would shoot myself just to stop the voices.

everything i considered was shot down by criticisms in my parents [and worse, my own] voice. i seriously don't think i can do anything right, and it's scaring the fuck out of me now that i have to support myself. if i can just struggle by myself i think i can make it but mum just asked me what the fuck was i doing with my life?! some neighbor's daughter is already making s$3k in Singapore every month! what if everybody else is really that good and i'm the only loser?

i could say, 'but i just finished my finals!' but that would unleash the if-you-worked-harder-you-could-skip-grades lecture which i can't take right now because if i did i may start taking painkillers though i'm not menstruating now.

when mum meets technology

mum has decided to learn how to use the net. she used to be hopeless but now she decided she loves planning holidays thus must learn how to compare flights online herself. we used to help her but it became a regular thing and i'm like, 'are you getting paid? why do i have to take time out to make price charts which change daily so your buddies can get cheap airfare? why do you insist i copy everything on the web page on paper? what are printers for? my handwriting is not ugly!'


anyhoo.. i was patiently tutoring her [anything to get away from my textbooks!]

me: ok, mum, pick a username.

mum [suspiciously]: why?

me: so you won't have to fill in all your details again when you book next time.

mum [amazed]: what? the company can remember?

me: yes, the company can remember.

mum: can i pick any name?

me: yes, you can pick any name.

mum: ok, i'm going to pick xxx because that's my initials! then i can remember.

me: haha, ok, don't just tell me; type it in.

mum [squints at the screen]: where?

me: the box next to 'username'.

mum: i can't find it.. oh, oh, is it there?

me: yes, it is. good. now you need a password.

mum: ooh [i think at this stage mum felt like a bond agent] ok! er.. just words?

me: letters and numbers. keep it simple, you'll need to remember it.

mum: argh i forget everything! ok.. xxxx.. xxxx.. xxxx.. xxxx..

me: mum! stop! it's an airline account! not some top secret bank account! can you remember so many characters?!

mum: i have to memorize my password as well?


Thursday, 11 November 2010


fann attended his high school prom last night and returned home late [or early, depending on how you see it]. parents were deeply unhappy because

1. it wasn't his prom technically, as he didn't finish his last year of high school
2. they suspect he skipped his morning class because he couldn't wake up

mum's kicking up a fuss, wanting to call fann's lecturer to check if there were classes this morning. people should never have too much free time, because then they spend that time making other people miserable.

i mean, seriously? calling your 19-year-old son's lecturer to check if he skipped a morning class? give me a break! the way they're raising us, when we're old we won't have any war stories to share. we have never gotten pissed drunk, never played truant from tuition to travel to another city [like my cousin], never done much it seems.

i only played truant in my last year of high school because it felt almost like a duty.. and also because dad refused to drive fann and i to school that day. if i didn't make concentrated efforts once in awhile to drive my parents nuts i never would've had much fun.

kids shouldn't be micro-managed!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

2nd spiciest noodles in the world

today for lunch fann and i ate out. it was wonderful to go out into the world once again after 2 days of being cooped up at home and eating sheer nonsense. haven't had a real meal in days. parents have been busy entertaining uncle lau from hk and fann has been out, so my meals for the past week has been mostly bread and fruit, unceremoniously wolfed down alone. hmm when did my life become so lame?

we couldn't agree on a restaurant-- i wanted sour veg and he wanted chicken rice-- so we compromised and settled for wan tan mee instead. saw '2nd spiciest noodles in the world' on the menu and thought it was cute, so i decided to try it.

WA. LAU. EH. my mouth tingled after my first mouthful and then became numb. my lips swelled until it looked as though i had glued 2 pieces of tuna sashimi/taiwanese sausages on my face. kao i thought my lips were gonna drop right off my face into my bowl of evil.

i didn't take photo but this s very similar. just add red patches on my face.

seriously if u can finish a bowl, sambal and all, i'll treat you. all the holes on my face watered like mad [eyes, nose, whatever]. don't even wanna imagine what their 'world's spiciest pan mee' tastes like!

Friday, 5 November 2010


the weather is just too soupy hot for me to do anything productive. can't believe i used to be a scout! [before i became a senior i actually had to stand under the sun just like anybody else ok, i didn't have the privilege of umbrellas from day one].

anyway dad says the bump on my neck hurts because it's growing on some nerves. the bumps are better now. everything is better after you sleep for 9hours.

gosh the sun! i despise getting tan. whenever i say i wanna go to the beach i mean hiding under an umbrella and swimming only at dawn and dusk. not sure if i shared this before [am prone to forgetting.. and repeating] but there's a story behind my obsession with fair skin.

when i was 15 i was 100% sunshine girl [简直是超级无敌阳光女孩! 就快发光了!]. i was brown as a nut but happy because i believed in inner beauty. then this guy i liked [like is an extreme understatement, i think i would've thrown myself in front of a bus if he so much as hinted it'd please him] told me he liked another girl.

i was depressed. i didn't eat for 1 day! [kinda enjoyed being dramatic but then gastric kicked in]. i stumbled upon a sample of Pond's Whitening Cream and somehow it struck me that this is the answer to my sadness as opposed to finding a bus to throw myself under or similar.

i applied the cream diligently twice a day to my face [big mistake, my ears and neck were still brown] and after i became fair-- it took about half a year-- The Guy's friends decided that they had a thing for me. of course guys hate it when their close platonic girlfriends come close to being non-platonic girlfriends of their buddies, so The Guy decided that he liked me too!

this little episode has taught me 2 things--
1. i have no principles [i said yes, let's date! to Mr. shallow, my friends always have a look of disgust on their faces when i admit this. if this were a movie i'd slam a door in his face and date a rock star. or something. but real life is no movie ok]
2. always whiten your ears and neck at the same time

since then i have shunned sunshine and excessive lighting. used to be super freaked about sun-- i refused to stand under 7am sun [jeez, i was crazy] and my beauty goal was to be 'white as paper!'. now i'm more normal but still.. snow white ban-sei!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010


panicking last night over accounting theory. forced myself to sleep from 11pm-2am [i don't fall sick easily as long as i sleep through this stretch]. didn't really get much snooze.. woke in cold sweat at 1.30pm. but made myself lie on bed until 2am as i have no intention of ko-ing during exam.

so i made it til now on barely any sleep. but there are little painful bumps growing on my neck and nose. i can hardly see them but they hurt so bad. not sure what they are or what to do with them. keeping fingers crossed that they'll vanish after a good night's sleep.

finals are almost over-- one last subject next fri and then i'll double my prayers so i can graduate. please, please, please let me pass. and then.. i'm gonna get braces.. and then.. kent will return and cook for me.. and then.. i'll be freezing my ass off at hk [again!] scout camp..

and then what? i have already set my sights on sydney uni but nothing can proceed until i obtain my results. [graduate, graduate, graduate!] so that will be my plan. for now. because i panic without a plan. though my plans always go haywire.

happy deepavali!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


the worst part of finals is the endless fretting about passing your stupid exams! argh somebody should have told me dummy australian system requires retaking any failed subjects unlike uk counterparts.

the 2nd worst aspect is the following scenario:

1.30pm  plonk down on seat
1.31pm  a cute guy enters and sits behind me
1.43pm  reading time starts
1.44pm  graveyard silence ensues
1.45pm  i need to fart..
1.46pm  .. but i can't! everybody will hear/smell it
1.47pm  ok, hold it in, hold it in.. *jasper's expression appears on my face*

1.48pm  (no i can't see my own face, but trust me i was so feeling jasper's expression then)
1.49pm  read questions
1.50pm  kick myself for not studying hard enough
1.51pm  crap i need to fart again..

oh my gosh i managed to do it for 3 hours at a stretch! dunno why i had this urge to fart during exams! almost killed me! when i have time i'll have a toilet break and whoosh outside but usually i don't and Cute Guy keeps getting allocated to the seat behind me (we're both Lim's) so he'll get the worst of it if i lose control of my bodily functions.

i had to keep sitting very still and reminding myself that Cute Guy had pretty, large double-lidded eyes and straight teeth. (i always notice people's teeth).


finals end and i go to toilet to pass gas but.. nothing. then i go pick up fann, who enters the car, rolls down his window, cheerfully informs me he's gonna fart and then promptly lets rip a vile one.

'wtf?!!!' i suffered for 3 bloody hours holding in a fart and then you just unleash a smelly, loud one on me?! what did you eat for lunch anyway?!!'

i hate finals

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

how to make guys give u a 2nd glance.. or 1st glance

ever since fish realized i have like, half of the self-esteem i used to have in high school [my confidence peaked at 15.. and then 17 and it's been a downhill slide since then. the less you know about life, the better you feel about yourself], he embarked on this 野猪大改造 makeover thing for me.

he scrutinizes me then asks his brothers, 'how can we make more guys give min a second look?'

'hah,' i rolled my eyes. 'it should be, how can we make more guys give me a first look?'

'u have low self-esteem!' they'll groan. 'it's cliched but confident girls are hot!'


fish also likes to ask rich guys what their ideal girl would be so i can have a blueprint on what guys like *rolls eyes* i hang out with him one night and i lose my eyes because i roll them around too much!

'i have a friend who's wealthy and cute and crazy. oh my gosh he has the weirdest taste! i think he'll like you!'

thanks, fish.


other suggestions by fish:

1. 'do something about your hair! like a tiny braid framing your face! hmm.. african style.. yep i'll definitely notice a girl with something dangly on her hair. it'll make you stand out! do something special!'

i ended up chopping off my hair. but girls if u like fish who s *grudgingly* kinda cute in a hippie type of way, feel free to embrace the hippie hairstyle..

2. 'get braces!..'

all my friends have been suggesting i fix my teeth since i was 17 but my dentist recommended waiting until i'm 21. so now i am, and when aunt alicia, aunt penny and uncle alfred said what a difference it was gonna make i started daydreaming about life with straight teeth like fann's. will look for a good orthodontist after finals. hopefully i won't chicken out again. a mouthful of painful metal for 2 years?!!! argh

3. '.. or just be confident!'

fish says i don't have to change anything else if i change my self-perception. ok ok! will work on it! the guys can't spend every outing telling me nice things about myself! but things have improved heaps from last year when i had nightmares where everybody was laughing at the fat me on a semi regular basis. so there!

Monday, 1 November 2010

boyfriend advice from friends?

actually i was gonna write about sohfong but i got distracted and wrote a long post about fish which is now in my draft folder and will be published tomorrow.

anyhow my guy friends are keen to wanna marry me off. i dunno why. they say they want me to be happy. or they want to have real conversations about relationships with me [they're just praying i'll sleep with my boyfriend so they can get the lowdown on what women feel about sex].

fish says it's inappropriate for a girl to hang out alone with so many blokes. he's been harping on about it since i was 16. mainly because he thinks i might get big-headed. or because the guys wanna share their orgy fantasies with one another and they don't feel comfortable going into all the lurid details in front of me [thank goodness].

if you think you can trust your friends' judgement in boyfriend-selection, you're wrong. especially if your friends are a bit bizarre. here's what a typical 'min-get-a-boyfriend' conversation goes--

s: how how about W? he's rich.. u like money, right?'

m: he thinks too much. it's kinda scary.

s: it's good, you know.. then you won't have to think. he'll do all the worrying for you.

m: no, i can't fully trust him.

s: he'll never stray! he'll treat u like a princess!

m: no!

s: k, then how about C?

m: what?!

s: he's wealthy too!

m: no he's not!

s: stop comparing people to yourself! the only person who can afford to take care of you is your father!

m: i'm not rich!

s: yeah, right. so how about him? he lives in a nice place.

m: i thought u were rooting for W!

s: well.. then how about A?

m: WHAT?!!

s: this one is really loaded..

m *faints*

i understand how family pressures girls my age into entering a relationship but the way sohfong was going? i can only laugh helplessly. he would be the last person i'd go to for boyfriend advice.