Monday, 8 November 2010

2nd spiciest noodles in the world

today for lunch fann and i ate out. it was wonderful to go out into the world once again after 2 days of being cooped up at home and eating sheer nonsense. haven't had a real meal in days. parents have been busy entertaining uncle lau from hk and fann has been out, so my meals for the past week has been mostly bread and fruit, unceremoniously wolfed down alone. hmm when did my life become so lame?

we couldn't agree on a restaurant-- i wanted sour veg and he wanted chicken rice-- so we compromised and settled for wan tan mee instead. saw '2nd spiciest noodles in the world' on the menu and thought it was cute, so i decided to try it.

WA. LAU. EH. my mouth tingled after my first mouthful and then became numb. my lips swelled until it looked as though i had glued 2 pieces of tuna sashimi/taiwanese sausages on my face. kao i thought my lips were gonna drop right off my face into my bowl of evil.

i didn't take photo but this s very similar. just add red patches on my face.

seriously if u can finish a bowl, sambal and all, i'll treat you. all the holes on my face watered like mad [eyes, nose, whatever]. don't even wanna imagine what their 'world's spiciest pan mee' tastes like!

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