Sunday, 21 November 2010

the 3rd lesson

i suck at accounting.
mr yee suggested we give extra discounts to clients which will reduce our commission but increase overall pay.

say the company says product A's lowest price is rm750.
i get paid 5% on every purchase.
if i sell product A at rm750, my commission will be rm750 x 5% = rm37.50

if the customer is willing to buy at rm740, i can decrease my commission to rm27.50, but that's an additional rm27.50 i get compared to if i don't seal the deal.

so obvious kan?
i'm always blindly following rules ish.

;;;;; this is a pre-typed post because i had a lot to share;;;;

today is actually my 3rd day at starbucks.
i can make most beverages and heat my own meals now.
but it's exhausting!!
and as usual, i'm underpaid!!

however, have decided to stick it out and pretend i'm at boot camp.
i'm sure it's very character building :)

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