Monday, 1 November 2010

boyfriend advice from friends?

actually i was gonna write about sohfong but i got distracted and wrote a long post about fish which is now in my draft folder and will be published tomorrow.

anyhow my guy friends are keen to wanna marry me off. i dunno why. they say they want me to be happy. or they want to have real conversations about relationships with me [they're just praying i'll sleep with my boyfriend so they can get the lowdown on what women feel about sex].

fish says it's inappropriate for a girl to hang out alone with so many blokes. he's been harping on about it since i was 16. mainly because he thinks i might get big-headed. or because the guys wanna share their orgy fantasies with one another and they don't feel comfortable going into all the lurid details in front of me [thank goodness].

if you think you can trust your friends' judgement in boyfriend-selection, you're wrong. especially if your friends are a bit bizarre. here's what a typical 'min-get-a-boyfriend' conversation goes--

s: how how about W? he's rich.. u like money, right?'

m: he thinks too much. it's kinda scary.

s: it's good, you know.. then you won't have to think. he'll do all the worrying for you.

m: no, i can't fully trust him.

s: he'll never stray! he'll treat u like a princess!

m: no!

s: k, then how about C?

m: what?!

s: he's wealthy too!

m: no he's not!

s: stop comparing people to yourself! the only person who can afford to take care of you is your father!

m: i'm not rich!

s: yeah, right. so how about him? he lives in a nice place.

m: i thought u were rooting for W!

s: well.. then how about A?

m: WHAT?!!

s: this one is really loaded..

m *faints*

i understand how family pressures girls my age into entering a relationship but the way sohfong was going? i can only laugh helplessly. he would be the last person i'd go to for boyfriend advice.

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makyankit said...

I would say, you'll know the right one when you meet, don't ask me how, you'll just know by your heart and soul... Listen to where your heart tells you and leads you to~

To help you better in selecting the right guy, list down what you wish for in your dream guy, prioritize them accordingly; if the list is too long, delete those that you are prepared to forgo. Look out for guys within your circle of friends before moving out from this circle, observe them, talk to them. Much of what you can understand about a guy comes from observation through your interaction with them and how he interact with other people, animals or his environment including family, friends, elderly, children, animals and how he reacts to situation that test his patience and emotion management.

Though some guys can be good at acting, but they can only conceal to a certain extend, so learn to analyze and judge yourself. Never rush into a relationship just because you have been single for too long... I hope that helps! =)