Friday, 19 November 2010


2nd day at work gift from [who else?] mr yee

finally made a couple of sales.
and learned a couple of lessons. mr yee, who owned [owns?] a furniture store, gave us some pointers on cinching deals.

i'm not a smooth operator, so sometimes after i prattle about the specs of the products i'll transform into either a mute or my mum [ie. endless repetition].
mr yee says that customers only want to hear the details once.
then it's time to ask them where they're from and go from there.

tried it on an indian lady who had just visited melbourne.
she's a godsend. melbourne!
we chatted about the food [lygon st! vic market! mr yee says food is most people's favorite subject].
then she bought an eye massager.
ka-ching! 5% commission which is sadly, not even enough to cover the ice cream i bought to celebrate.


lesson #2-- colleagues are not your friends
while i was securing a transaction with a wealthy [and photogenic] iranian family, i asked my supervisor if i could give them additional discounts.
she grabbed this opportunity to approach the family and peddle more products under her name.
ie. she sauntered over, told them there it was the best deal they can offer, and sent me away to prepare the goods when the customers agreed to the purchase.

while i was gone, she convinced the family to buy a neck massager and that's 2.5% commission to her and 0% to me.
it's considered stealing my clients but i let it slide because i'm working at starbucks now anyway.
so never ever let your colleagues talk to your clients when you're not around.
[and never ever entrust your buddy with your boy/girlfriend].

quite some bitching going around.
everybody's saccharine sweet on the surface but when people walk in, it's all-out war.
if you don't shout 'hello, try, sir?' louder than your colleagues you lose.

plus everybody's telling me not to tell the other person blah blah blah
typical workplace behavior.
we're pretty bored when there are no potential customers so a lot of time is spent talking.
my colleagues have honed the art of continuous talking.
i have a short attention span so i just smile and nod, half-stoned.

.. as for the iranian family, i made the 'ok' sign at them!!
argh it's considered obscene/sexually suggestive in the middle east!
ish i remembered only after they left!
had memorized it for finals =.=

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LiShian♥ said...

so u r working in starbucks now? add oil my dear~ next time make me a cup of coffee =)