Wednesday, 3 November 2010


the worst part of finals is the endless fretting about passing your stupid exams! argh somebody should have told me dummy australian system requires retaking any failed subjects unlike uk counterparts.

the 2nd worst aspect is the following scenario:

1.30pm  plonk down on seat
1.31pm  a cute guy enters and sits behind me
1.43pm  reading time starts
1.44pm  graveyard silence ensues
1.45pm  i need to fart..
1.46pm  .. but i can't! everybody will hear/smell it
1.47pm  ok, hold it in, hold it in.. *jasper's expression appears on my face*

1.48pm  (no i can't see my own face, but trust me i was so feeling jasper's expression then)
1.49pm  read questions
1.50pm  kick myself for not studying hard enough
1.51pm  crap i need to fart again..

oh my gosh i managed to do it for 3 hours at a stretch! dunno why i had this urge to fart during exams! almost killed me! when i have time i'll have a toilet break and whoosh outside but usually i don't and Cute Guy keeps getting allocated to the seat behind me (we're both Lim's) so he'll get the worst of it if i lose control of my bodily functions.

i had to keep sitting very still and reminding myself that Cute Guy had pretty, large double-lidded eyes and straight teeth. (i always notice people's teeth).


finals end and i go to toilet to pass gas but.. nothing. then i go pick up fann, who enters the car, rolls down his window, cheerfully informs me he's gonna fart and then promptly lets rip a vile one.

'wtf?!!!' i suffered for 3 bloody hours holding in a fart and then you just unleash a smelly, loud one on me?! what did you eat for lunch anyway?!!'

i hate finals

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