Wednesday, 24 November 2010

fisherman's cove

this is my autopilot expression! ish
ps. this is also me in full makeup

on saturday i attended eva's 21st birthday dinner at fisherman's cove.
haven't kept in touch at all after graduation but she bumped into me at mv and i decided it would be nice to do something apart from work.

honestly i can go for days without talking to anybody except a few grunts at home.


star hill is all dim lighting and art which i don't get.
there was so much going on that i felt a bit disoriented-- different lights at every turn, one second it's wooden floors and then it's pebbled..


i have this dream [which is on my List of things to do before i die] where the love of my life and i will go to one of those cozy little restaurants with either small lamps or a fat little candle on a tiny table.
there will be tablecloths and wine.. it will be the type of restaurants where people propose. successfully.

then we will share a lingering kiss over the table [which is very, very small; so no awkward leaning and accidentally tipping the table over] because we're so so so so so in love.

ok confession-- i copied this scene 100% from desperate housewives.

in reality dark lights make me drowsy.
i despise small tables because i need space for all the food i'm gonna order.
i'm super particular about bad breath so we can only kiss after we drink water and before the food comes.
plus i'm not much of a wine sipper.
i can do shots at parties but that's about it.
alcohol also makes me sleepy.
and i'm not that into fine dining.
ish my fantasy!!


anyhoo i didn't take much photos because i was rabidly starving.
the first time i make it to an event on time the hosts are an hour late =.=
the food is considered good but overpriced due to location.

syva with the most delicious bread ever

when i saw syva in this dress my first thought was, we have similar style. except my dress would be shorter.
but when i couldn't stop staring at her cleavage i finally understand why mum is always fretting about my skimpy wardrobe.

but go fisherman's cove and try their amazing bread.
i can only describe it as real.
this bread is how bread should taste like!
you feel like you're eating something
[just had a bad experience with some oddly clammy gardenia bread. suspect it'd expired].

the birthday girl's very conservative bf

they've been going out 2 months and still haven't held hands!!
why?! why why??!!!

i was quite excited about sampling squid ink pasta but it tasted.. inky.
argh i guess i'm doomed to a life of cheap economy rice and similar!!

and just so you know how little i drink, i couldn't even finish my wine.

big cutlery for attacking seafood

too bad i'm not much of a seafood kinda girl.
my preferences are

1. veg
2. soup
3. fish/chicken
4. red meat/seafood
5. carbs

because meat gives me zits.
but eating veg when dining out usually makes my dining partners uncomfortable, so i usually don't.
unless if i've been really really constipated.

kay li eating wild mushroom cream soup

yum yum YUM!
i also heart the Full House lunch set-- caesar salad.
i love the soup there; most people don't.

somebody annoyed me during dinner, but can't rant in case the person reads this.

they made a ruckus and drove some diners away ;p oops

by 11pm i was worrying about having to get up early to do opening shift at 7am.

everybody except the bf

i was under-dressed in my blouse and ripped denim shorts, every other girl wore a dress.

they took a gazillion more photos.. then opened the gifts.. then went to pavilion to take yet more shots..
christmas decorations are up :)
gorgeous but i was too exhausted to even take out my phone.

convincing my friends to re-enact a scene from hana yori dango [japanese f4]

it's the opening soundtrack where f4 holds hands with makino and they run around in a circle.
i like running around in circles.
must do it once every night out.

birthday girl

lun, all-round-nice-guy. a teensy bit eccentric haha

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