Friday, 5 November 2010


the weather is just too soupy hot for me to do anything productive. can't believe i used to be a scout! [before i became a senior i actually had to stand under the sun just like anybody else ok, i didn't have the privilege of umbrellas from day one].

anyway dad says the bump on my neck hurts because it's growing on some nerves. the bumps are better now. everything is better after you sleep for 9hours.

gosh the sun! i despise getting tan. whenever i say i wanna go to the beach i mean hiding under an umbrella and swimming only at dawn and dusk. not sure if i shared this before [am prone to forgetting.. and repeating] but there's a story behind my obsession with fair skin.

when i was 15 i was 100% sunshine girl [简直是超级无敌阳光女孩! 就快发光了!]. i was brown as a nut but happy because i believed in inner beauty. then this guy i liked [like is an extreme understatement, i think i would've thrown myself in front of a bus if he so much as hinted it'd please him] told me he liked another girl.

i was depressed. i didn't eat for 1 day! [kinda enjoyed being dramatic but then gastric kicked in]. i stumbled upon a sample of Pond's Whitening Cream and somehow it struck me that this is the answer to my sadness as opposed to finding a bus to throw myself under or similar.

i applied the cream diligently twice a day to my face [big mistake, my ears and neck were still brown] and after i became fair-- it took about half a year-- The Guy's friends decided that they had a thing for me. of course guys hate it when their close platonic girlfriends come close to being non-platonic girlfriends of their buddies, so The Guy decided that he liked me too!

this little episode has taught me 2 things--
1. i have no principles [i said yes, let's date! to Mr. shallow, my friends always have a look of disgust on their faces when i admit this. if this were a movie i'd slam a door in his face and date a rock star. or something. but real life is no movie ok]
2. always whiten your ears and neck at the same time

since then i have shunned sunshine and excessive lighting. used to be super freaked about sun-- i refused to stand under 7am sun [jeez, i was crazy] and my beauty goal was to be 'white as paper!'. now i'm more normal but still.. snow white ban-sei!!

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