Tuesday, 30 November 2010

homemade tempura

yesterday i had a morning shift [bliss].
i'm a morning person.
dad woke at 6am so he could drive me to work [bliss] where i opened starbucks, supervised by my cute manager [bliss]. he's quite a looker, feel free to come and ask for lam.

the annoying japanese man [ajm] who likes leaning against the counter with his penetrating stare as i fix his iced caffe latte came as usual.
i know they're used to fast-fast-fast! but they make me so nervous!!
what's more irritating is that the most asking-to-be-slapped customer has the type of looks i like-- skinny, small eyes, defined nose.

the ajm's friend chanted, 'quick quick quick!' as i struggled to make multiple cups of coffee with just one coffee machine-- the other one broke down.
to distract him, i asked him if he's japanese in japanese.
ok, it's obvious that i know he's japanese but my japanese is extremely limited so that's the only phrase i could come up with.
he replied in japanese but i only caught the 'yes' and 'thank you'.
haha bad idea but i finished his drink as he was talking so whee! :D

a lot of beautiful people come to starbucks with gorgeous accessories-- the thin new mac, designer bags..
it's quite enjoyable checking them out.
though i told my colleague a guy is cute and she's like, 'it's obvious he's gay!'

;;;;; kent please stop reading here as i'll be writing about you and it's awkward;;;;;

i love opening shifts because i have the rest of the day at my disposal after 3pm :)
yesterday's plan was to visit kent.
he owed me a home cooked meal as i'd helped him plan a fortnight's holiday for his au friend rhys.
but i had to eat with his family, which freaked me out because i can't remember the last time i dined with another family alone.
adults also scare me, which is irrational, as i'm already an adult myself.

 tempura, garlic butter cream dip, stir fry veg, fried fish with tomato sauce, steamed broccoli [to go with dip]

very worth it for the feast!
just like what those poster families eat in dramas!
there were also fresh abalone [he went abalone fishing in perth!] and herbal chicken.
all yummy and cooked by the men in his family haha!

my ulcer will never heal at this rate. 
-taken using pudding camera but macam no difference?

i never touch tempura because they're usually soggy but these are awesome!
i totally threw caution to the wind and ate with happy abandon!
drank a bit of choya some more.

kent's parents are nice but i still felt.. the way one would feel after working for 8 hours in starbucks.. dried split milk on my shirt.. coffee stains on my pants.. greasy face.. haven't seen my waxer in 2 months.. not my best moment to be impinging on people!

very much anticipating the next meal, when i will hopefully be freshly scrubbed, waxed and wearing clean clothes.

awesome hanging out with friends-- fei fei was there until 7pm.
and kent's beagle richie is nice to see but not nice to hold.
he gave me a couple of nasty scratches!


kent said...

nono, should say drank umeshu..
choya is the company name..
ume is plum..shu is wine..

what's "totally threw caution to the wind and ate with happy abandon" ?

MiN said...

haha i only drink choya umeshu, so i always say i drink choya ;p

erm means i let my ulcer die and ate happily haha