Tuesday, 2 November 2010

how to make guys give u a 2nd glance.. or 1st glance

ever since fish realized i have like, half of the self-esteem i used to have in high school [my confidence peaked at 15.. and then 17 and it's been a downhill slide since then. the less you know about life, the better you feel about yourself], he embarked on this 野猪大改造 makeover thing for me.

he scrutinizes me then asks his brothers, 'how can we make more guys give min a second look?'

'hah,' i rolled my eyes. 'it should be, how can we make more guys give me a first look?'

'u have low self-esteem!' they'll groan. 'it's cliched but confident girls are hot!'


fish also likes to ask rich guys what their ideal girl would be so i can have a blueprint on what guys like *rolls eyes* i hang out with him one night and i lose my eyes because i roll them around too much!

'i have a friend who's wealthy and cute and crazy. oh my gosh he has the weirdest taste! i think he'll like you!'

thanks, fish.


other suggestions by fish:

1. 'do something about your hair! like a tiny braid framing your face! hmm.. african style.. yep i'll definitely notice a girl with something dangly on her hair. it'll make you stand out! do something special!'

i ended up chopping off my hair. but girls if u like fish who s *grudgingly* kinda cute in a hippie type of way, feel free to embrace the hippie hairstyle..

2. 'get braces!..'

all my friends have been suggesting i fix my teeth since i was 17 but my dentist recommended waiting until i'm 21. so now i am, and when aunt alicia, aunt penny and uncle alfred said what a difference it was gonna make i started daydreaming about life with straight teeth like fann's. will look for a good orthodontist after finals. hopefully i won't chicken out again. a mouthful of painful metal for 2 years?!!! argh

3. '.. or just be confident!'

fish says i don't have to change anything else if i change my self-perception. ok ok! will work on it! the guys can't spend every outing telling me nice things about myself! but things have improved heaps from last year when i had nightmares where everybody was laughing at the fat me on a semi regular basis. so there!


LiShian♥ said...

they are really worrying about you XD add oil min min!!

Anonymous said...

the secret is not to flash both of your boobs at the same time. metaphorically speaking of course.