Friday, 26 November 2010

how to talk more?

when i was in primary school all my report cards said quite talkative in class!

now my senior manager, assistant managers and colleagues all describe me as quiet.
i enjoy solitude as much as i like going out.

the thing is, starbucks baristas are never quiet.
they talk incessantly.
in fact, oto sales staff also yak nonstop.
all my friends chat chat chat.

wow sounds like something wrong with me.
i portrayed a semi bubbly image during the interview, now my interviewer aka senior manager feels betrayed!
haha sorry i am making the effort to open my mouth [and smile] more.
but it doesn't feel natural just yet.


Anonymous said...

force yourself! hey get this book by Dale Carnegie: How to win friends and influence people. It sounds very self-help but it's actually a good book. I have a copy and re-read it now and then to remind myself.

- suan... lazy to sign in to blogger

MiN said...

lol i actually just finished it!! my friends always snort when i say i'm quiet! so there is hope :))

flowfixation419 said...

maybe that's just who you are. Wait a while and find out for yourself. No need to rush. You'll be surprised how much you find out about others by being a quiet active listener. If you seek to understand than to be understood, you'll influence people as well!

MiN said...

it takes me longer to warm up to people i suppose :) but am talking more as i get to know my colleagues better