Thursday, 11 November 2010


fann attended his high school prom last night and returned home late [or early, depending on how you see it]. parents were deeply unhappy because

1. it wasn't his prom technically, as he didn't finish his last year of high school
2. they suspect he skipped his morning class because he couldn't wake up

mum's kicking up a fuss, wanting to call fann's lecturer to check if there were classes this morning. people should never have too much free time, because then they spend that time making other people miserable.

i mean, seriously? calling your 19-year-old son's lecturer to check if he skipped a morning class? give me a break! the way they're raising us, when we're old we won't have any war stories to share. we have never gotten pissed drunk, never played truant from tuition to travel to another city [like my cousin], never done much it seems.

i only played truant in my last year of high school because it felt almost like a duty.. and also because dad refused to drive fann and i to school that day. if i didn't make concentrated efforts once in awhile to drive my parents nuts i never would've had much fun.

kids shouldn't be micro-managed!!!

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