Sunday, 14 November 2010

laundry festival

i closed my blog yesterday because i was depressed and didn't want anybody to see me in such a mess [sorry kent!] but now i'm feeling better as

1. i found a job. yes, it is crappy, boring, tiring and un-fulfilling with low pay but it gets me out of the house and away from all the negativity around it.

2. finally had a day out with my friends. i'd locked myself away during finals, not talking to anybody except for a skype session with kent, a 30-minute phone call from lun and some laughs with fann. that, and plenty of lectures from my parents about my weight, my studies, my lack of boyfriend, yadda yadda why don't they just fuck off?!

it felt amazing to go out and interact with people again :))

interacting with lin's golden retriever Jojo was also fun!

dinner at Hwangsil

the food wasn't fantastic. the spicy soft tofu soup was downright greasy!

lin, who paid too much parking ==
i know i drove, but still a bit paiseh

 view from our table

when we arrived, bus company had already finished their set :( we deliberated if we should enter anyway. then laundry threw in a free t-shirt, and we were sold.

 testing out iphone 4's self-photography + flash functions

neither lin nor i r into the indie music scene. i just don't get all the noise, the headbanging and screaming. but Rosevelt's lead had a good voice. An Honest Mistake's pop feel was more my kinda thing, but the male frontman needs some manners.

picture this-- you're an indie band at a music festival, which is already lukewarm at best. you're trying to peddle your album. you bump into a couple of girls at a tight spot. you do NOT glare at them and push your way through!! failure awaits u, mister.

xuan shan came too!!

i haven't seen XS since i graduated. we used to be classmates and were in a dance crew together. he still has his muscles unlike.. me. but it was awesome seeing him again.

i've always admired XS because he is ambitious and talented but very quiet and zen at the same time. he taught himself how to breakdance-- he's actually one of the better ones i've seen-- and attended theater camp post-graduation. now he's more conventional, doing an events management course.

of course, he is also a guy, and he had to ask the 101 question all guys ask me-- any girls can intro me ah?

geez, do i look like a pimp or something?

together we party!

the dance/head banging space in front of the stage was as empty as my heart. haha gayness! but seriously i wasn't expecting so few people. lin says it's a good opportunity to chat up Bus Company frontman but i don't do anything that doesn't pay off. because i think artsy people will be insulted if i say, 'i only support you because i think you're cute.'

i talked to them once when they performed at Monash and was embarrassed when they asked how i knew their band because i didn't know them prior to the Monash gig.

sundae from Chocolate Lounge

it drizzled after a couple of sets so we wandered around the Street [XS had never been to the Curve!!]. he wanted to meet girls so we met up with ZY and ZY at the Chocolate Lounge.

both are pretty, but both are also taken. XS returned home after we goofed around at the Yeo's roadshow. and we girls stayed til midnight chatting.

S is back and i wanna have coffee with her but.. stupid work!

SY will be in kl tue-fri and i haven't seen her in 2 years but.. stupid work!

kent i'll try to find time for u!


something snapped as i was fed the daily lecture of what a failure i was during breakfast yesterday. i had always looked at life as a trade-off. parents buy me lv bag and sponsor my holidays abroad; in return i strive to be whoever they want me to be. i don't talk back but as mum was ranting on about how lazy/slutty/stupid/useless/messy i am i just thought that even if they bought me all the chanel in the world, all this attack just isn't worth it.

i mean, this woman called me a slut when a couple of indonesian men stole my cell phone in the lrt when i was 17. she's the one with the problem, not me.

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