Tuesday, 16 November 2010

mr. yee

first-day-at-work gifts

yesterday i had my first official day as a sales assistant.
being a sales girl is like a must-do for every girl-- most of my friends tried it in high school.
now an over-qualified me is being bored senseless by it.

i much preferred waitressing in melbourne-- at least when there were no diners we'd help make entrees or i could sneakily read or use my phone.

here i just tried out all the massage paraphernalia and read the brochures repeatedly.
even accounting feels more appealing compared to this.
lesson learned-- work very, very hard so this doesn't become my future full-time job.

the pay is nauseatingly low, and the ktm comes on an hourly basis!!
more time wasted commuting!


the positive side is that i'm no longer depressed.
the boredom is mind numbing and exhausting, so i just collapse the second i arrive home.

and there's this uncle who wanders around mv every single day with his wife, giving balloons, soft toys and accessories to kids and staff.
they're from ipoh and retired and wealthy enough to indulge in such whimsical behavior.
at least i met someone unique.


will still be continuing job hunting on my off days!!

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