Thursday, 4 November 2010


panicking last night over accounting theory. forced myself to sleep from 11pm-2am [i don't fall sick easily as long as i sleep through this stretch]. didn't really get much snooze.. woke in cold sweat at 1.30pm. but made myself lie on bed until 2am as i have no intention of ko-ing during exam.

so i made it til now on barely any sleep. but there are little painful bumps growing on my neck and nose. i can hardly see them but they hurt so bad. not sure what they are or what to do with them. keeping fingers crossed that they'll vanish after a good night's sleep.

finals are almost over-- one last subject next fri and then i'll double my prayers so i can graduate. please, please, please let me pass. and then.. i'm gonna get braces.. and then.. kent will return and cook for me.. and then.. i'll be freezing my ass off at hk [again!] scout camp..

and then what? i have already set my sights on sydney uni but nothing can proceed until i obtain my results. [graduate, graduate, graduate!] so that will be my plan. for now. because i panic without a plan. though my plans always go haywire.

happy deepavali!

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