Tuesday, 23 November 2010

starbucks barista

i always thought starbucks baristas are very cool, the way they take my order, then call out something incomprehensible, snap snap, i get my calorie-laden heart-attack-in-a-cup.

but when you're on the receiving end of the grandegreentealattenowhiplowfat you just wanna slap the cashier.
you think you sound very breezy ah?!!

super disoriented first day at work.
heaps to remember-- where everything is kept, all the duties, how to clock in/out, how to redeem my employee meal/beverages, where all the stocks are, the gazillion drinks recipes..

my job seeking thus far has been optimistic.
every application has been successful.
nobody seems to mind the fact that i'll need to take a week off in dec.
maybe even firms with serious positions will be open to interviewing me?

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