Tuesday, 23 November 2010

starbucks interview

woke at 5am and set out at 6am to catch the 6.30am train so i can be at work at 7am.
brutal but at least i get off at 3pm and have time to eat at home and cuddle coco.

i was surprised they hired me on the spot after an hour-long interview [which i had during my break from my previous sales job].
as i wasn't amazing at selling myself.

what are your biggest achievements?
my mind went blank.
think think think!
nobody gets to 21 without accomplishing something worthy.
i jabbered some nonsense about surviving peking subway at 8am.
[i am very proud of that. after you fight with true chinese you have no fear].

after the interview i remembered something my friend considered her finest achievement-- conquering mt. kk.
i did that when i was 17 but it didn't feel like something major.
it was more like--

1. parents said, 'let's hike up mt. kk.'
2. so i trained for it.
3. and then did it.

but jeez it would've sounded so much better than the peking subway ride.

;;;;; another pre typed post ;;;;;

haha i really like talking about myself online.. but in real life am fairly quiet.

my assistant manager frankie commented about how serious/unhappy i look when i'm not smiling.
everybody at work keeps asking me if i'm okay.
i know i come across as unfriendly and better-than-thou when i'm not smiling.. it's my autopilot expression.
i even have this bored look on my face when i'm daydreaming about vacations!
am making a concentrated effort to smile more.

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