Saturday, 13 November 2010

when mum meets technology

mum has decided to learn how to use the net. she used to be hopeless but now she decided she loves planning holidays thus must learn how to compare flights online herself. we used to help her but it became a regular thing and i'm like, 'are you getting paid? why do i have to take time out to make price charts which change daily so your buddies can get cheap airfare? why do you insist i copy everything on the web page on paper? what are printers for? my handwriting is not ugly!'


anyhoo.. i was patiently tutoring her [anything to get away from my textbooks!]

me: ok, mum, pick a username.

mum [suspiciously]: why?

me: so you won't have to fill in all your details again when you book next time.

mum [amazed]: what? the company can remember?

me: yes, the company can remember.

mum: can i pick any name?

me: yes, you can pick any name.

mum: ok, i'm going to pick xxx because that's my initials! then i can remember.

me: haha, ok, don't just tell me; type it in.

mum [squints at the screen]: where?

me: the box next to 'username'.

mum: i can't find it.. oh, oh, is it there?

me: yes, it is. good. now you need a password.

mum: ooh [i think at this stage mum felt like a bond agent] ok! er.. just words?

me: letters and numbers. keep it simple, you'll need to remember it.

mum: argh i forget everything! ok.. xxxx.. xxxx.. xxxx.. xxxx..

me: mum! stop! it's an airline account! not some top secret bank account! can you remember so many characters?!

mum: i have to memorize my password as well?


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