Friday, 24 December 2010

madam kwan's vs rapunzel

last night i met some friends for dinner after work.
i'd had a craving for madam kwan's spaghetti Bologna since i sampled some of my cousin's last week.
but it tasted bland.
sf says it's because the restaurant is too busy.
what's more.. a cockroach roamed my table happily during dinner!
complained and they apologized but sorry no cure.
am turned off forever.


but then we decided to hit up yunn as it's her birthday.
i'd been gagging to watch rapunzel and it was beautiful.
you know the front part where the cinema screens zooms out and the disney castle appears, complete with colorful fireworks exploding above it?

every time i see that, it takes my breath away.


go watch rapunzel!
the above scene where rapunzel and eugene viewed the lanterns on a boat is the most beautiful one i'd ever witnessed in a movie.

and i'd seen disneyland hk's golden mickeys' when you wish upon a star twice, but it chokes me up every time.
even fann was moved.

disney sells dreams :)
i remember when disney played when you wish upon a star, the video was one of ariel becoming a human being to be with the prince.
all very romantic, as we all know the mermaid died in the original little mermaid.

sigh i wish i lived in a disney movie!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


today lun bought me dinner at italiannies.
i indulged in a red wine sangria but skimped on food--
we shared the very dai 2-course meal.

salad as appetizer,
pan fried fish for main.
i love italiannies so everything was wonderful.

the waiters are cute, the f&b yummy..
ghastly view, though.


heaps of errands to run tomorrow.
makes me wanna crawl into bed just thinking about it.


everyday mum's like, 'move out! you're already 21!'
parents and relatives keep telling me i'm lucky, be grateful blablabla..

then FUCK OFF.

all my friends own luxury items.
everybody holidays abroad. most have been to europe.
they can take gap months after graduating.
and they enjoy all this without people breathing down their necks constantly, telling them they are unappreciative bitches.

people are usually surprised by how little pocket money i get.
after graduation i get zilch.

s$500 shopping allowance in singapore was compensation for my parents abandoning me at a food court, knowing i have no roaming on my phone, merely because they're both caught up in their own dramas.
it's for the humiliation i experienced while wandering around looking for them, hating the sympathy in parents' friends' eyes.
and for the times they forgot to save me a seat during meals.

so yeah i have it better than some, but if you think my life is a bed of roses, think again.

yes i can compare myself to starving hookers with gambler/drug addict parents.
but my high school buddies are wealthy, my uni mates even more so.
this is the environment i'm in.
plus i don't see my parents being grateful i'm not pregnant/a drug addict/borrowing from loan sharks etc.
so why should i keep being thankful while they keep bemoaning my evilness?

argh was gonna blog about how yummy sangria is..
instead now it's full-blown sangria-induced rant.

Friday, 10 December 2010

shopping in singapore

the last time i had a day off was.. last wednesday?
dad said, 'tell starbucks you don't need no break, you can work 24/7'
and i felt a bit guilty for taking leave to go shopping in singapore so i did just that =.=
now it's almost 10am and i can still hardly open my slit eyes.

can't complain, was up late last night having a kick-a** dinner/supper

boiled/raw veg w bagna cauda dip [not pictured]

i'm addicted to pudding camera!!

the most delicious okonomiyaki ever!

it's even better than the one i had in au, and it tastes equally yummy hot or cooled.
PERFECT BENTO FOOD [hint until cannot hint already liao]

butter pan-fried abalone

;;;;; singapore 战利品 jang jang jang jang;;;;;

am not stepping on my bag

26-seater double decker complete with personal entertainment system and massage functions on the reclining seat.
complimentary bottle of water!
best bus i'd ever been on!!

garrett popcorn shop at resort world

i hate popcorns that aren't properly coated with caramel.
or butter-and-salt popcorns.
or not-popped corns.

but every. single. popcorn from garrett is miraculously coated in rich caramel [or cheese/macadamia/cashew]
and popped til it's big and crispy.
the downside is that it's too salty, especially when consumed hot.
i prefer refrigerated popcorn.

garrett belongs to hershey's.
go there for free reese's samples.
but a lot of attractions are still in construction, so i don't suggest holidaying at resort world just yet.

an actually-quite-big Small serve for s$8

xmas deco at resort world

i'd wanted to go to haji lane and other uniquely singaporean places but my shopping mates prefer air con and high street fashion so 99% of my 战利品 are brands available in kl.

pull & bear, s$9.90

i'd been seeking high and low for a top like this for layering purposes.
bf's mum is super-duper-uber conservative.

couldn't find suitable ones in kl-- my fave haunt topshop's tanks are semi-transparent.
why why why?!

my neurotic mum hates me lugging around a hundred shopping bags.
she starts losing her temper in public and forcing me to put everything in the biggest bag.
but i love walking around like a christmas tree with bags of goodies dangling off me.
makes me feel like.. carrie bradshaw or something.

yuzu candies, s$7.50

ever since visiting muji in hk a few months ago, i'd been craving for their yuzu and lemon candies.
there weren't any available in muji singapore, but we came across nippon-ya.
nippon-ya is just beside muji and specializes in japanese snacks.
there were cheesecake drops and other weird food, but i decided to play it safe this time.


did quite a bit of food shopping.

ginger & brown sugar cookies, s$3.30

red bean daifuku, s$3.30

chocolate strawberry marshmallows, s$1.90

tao recommended this at muji hk but i only bought it now.
all quite good, muji's food quite berkualiti.

knit cap, s$59

i look ugly in caps/hats [hence the umbrella]
but muji caps rock!
everything is gorgeous!
quite risky buying this as not sure if i can go abroad next year.. but can wear in hk soon also!

;;;;; VS!! ;;;;;

this deserves it's own heading!!

i fought with parents throughout the trip so one night i just took off with some money to let off steam at the luxury boutiques near the casino.

this was when i saw the only victoria's secret in asia!!
with a huge nude shot of miranda kerr at the entrance!!

i didn't buy anything the first night because i'm not a shopaholic like my mum.
but i couldn't get vs out of my mind so after breakfast the next morning i ran back to vs.

 s$30, i need some basics lah


the packaging is ugly and looks grandmotherly but the scent!!
i can't open it [them] because i'm not finished with my current miracle oil but i take out the bottles and sniff them sometimes because they smell so good!!




they all smell like heaven.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

and we both.. talked very fast

i hate sliding [cleaning] at starbucks because of the stench of ciggie smoke
every time i'm forced to go sliding i feel my lungs blacken or similar.

after work i met with the delicious sy

she's like our class' alexa chung-- slim, stylish and friendly.
i swear all the girls have a girl crush on her.

great to meet everybody again :)

we had supper at kim gary.

;;;; evidently i saved this as a draft and came back to it only today ;;;;;

then the bf picked me up from work.
haha i think we were both nervous as we just started dating 'officially' because we both talked faster than we usually did.
i can't believe even i'm doing it!!

we were like, 'we're talking too fast because we're nervous!'
but still we couldn't talk at a normal pace.
and then we laughed about it because now the world is tinged pink.
and if anybody breathes a whisper of this to my parents i'll create a sim of you and set you on fire/drown you/jail you etc.

also have sudden urge to listen to michelle branch songs.
breathe this second.

Friday, 3 December 2010

dreams. dreams dreams dreams

i was a jumble of nerves yesterday at starbucks as
1. i'd cut my finger
2. results were due!

there are very few things i'd wanted as much as graduating, it was my birthday wish, my shooting-star-in-inner-mongolia wish, my everything wish.

i just couldn't imagine being unable to graduate and living with parents' scorn for another semester!
[i'd have to hear about so-and-so's bloody angelic daughter. again. and again. and again..]

so thank god i passed!
even if my cgpa is so low i feel a bit like a retard.

woke at 2.30am from the sheer pleasure of achieving something i'd prayed and worked for.
i just might be the happiest girl in the world now :D

my colleagues were aghast when i told them i'll be graduating in absentia.
i attended cousin eugene's convocation last dec and was frightfully bored.
i'd much rather have the money to host a mini celebration or to continue my ipl treatments!!

hope i won't regret my decision.
i have a tendency to do stupid things, eg. throw out my baby photos and/or ugly photos.
but now the thought of draping myself in a huge black curtain in this weather is such a turn-off.