Wednesday, 8 December 2010

and we both.. talked very fast

i hate sliding [cleaning] at starbucks because of the stench of ciggie smoke
every time i'm forced to go sliding i feel my lungs blacken or similar.

after work i met with the delicious sy

she's like our class' alexa chung-- slim, stylish and friendly.
i swear all the girls have a girl crush on her.

great to meet everybody again :)

we had supper at kim gary.

;;;; evidently i saved this as a draft and came back to it only today ;;;;;

then the bf picked me up from work.
haha i think we were both nervous as we just started dating 'officially' because we both talked faster than we usually did.
i can't believe even i'm doing it!!

we were like, 'we're talking too fast because we're nervous!'
but still we couldn't talk at a normal pace.
and then we laughed about it because now the world is tinged pink.
and if anybody breathes a whisper of this to my parents i'll create a sim of you and set you on fire/drown you/jail you etc.

also have sudden urge to listen to michelle branch songs.
breathe this second.


kuku said...

give a "like"

MiN said...

kuku i can't believe u read this!! argh paiseh die me!

*.* said...

are we still talking too fast ?
haha, the world will tinged pink for all the time !