Friday, 3 December 2010

dreams. dreams dreams dreams

i was a jumble of nerves yesterday at starbucks as
1. i'd cut my finger
2. results were due!

there are very few things i'd wanted as much as graduating, it was my birthday wish, my shooting-star-in-inner-mongolia wish, my everything wish.

i just couldn't imagine being unable to graduate and living with parents' scorn for another semester!
[i'd have to hear about so-and-so's bloody angelic daughter. again. and again. and again..]

so thank god i passed!
even if my cgpa is so low i feel a bit like a retard.

woke at 2.30am from the sheer pleasure of achieving something i'd prayed and worked for.
i just might be the happiest girl in the world now :D

my colleagues were aghast when i told them i'll be graduating in absentia.
i attended cousin eugene's convocation last dec and was frightfully bored.
i'd much rather have the money to host a mini celebration or to continue my ipl treatments!!

hope i won't regret my decision.
i have a tendency to do stupid things, eg. throw out my baby photos and/or ugly photos.
but now the thought of draping myself in a huge black curtain in this weather is such a turn-off.

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