Friday, 24 December 2010

madam kwan's vs rapunzel

last night i met some friends for dinner after work.
i'd had a craving for madam kwan's spaghetti Bologna since i sampled some of my cousin's last week.
but it tasted bland.
sf says it's because the restaurant is too busy.
what's more.. a cockroach roamed my table happily during dinner!
complained and they apologized but sorry no cure.
am turned off forever.


but then we decided to hit up yunn as it's her birthday.
i'd been gagging to watch rapunzel and it was beautiful.
you know the front part where the cinema screens zooms out and the disney castle appears, complete with colorful fireworks exploding above it?

every time i see that, it takes my breath away.


go watch rapunzel!
the above scene where rapunzel and eugene viewed the lanterns on a boat is the most beautiful one i'd ever witnessed in a movie.

and i'd seen disneyland hk's golden mickeys' when you wish upon a star twice, but it chokes me up every time.
even fann was moved.

disney sells dreams :)
i remember when disney played when you wish upon a star, the video was one of ariel becoming a human being to be with the prince.
all very romantic, as we all know the mermaid died in the original little mermaid.

sigh i wish i lived in a disney movie!

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