Wednesday, 15 December 2010


today lun bought me dinner at italiannies.
i indulged in a red wine sangria but skimped on food--
we shared the very dai 2-course meal.

salad as appetizer,
pan fried fish for main.
i love italiannies so everything was wonderful.

the waiters are cute, the f&b yummy..
ghastly view, though.


heaps of errands to run tomorrow.
makes me wanna crawl into bed just thinking about it.


everyday mum's like, 'move out! you're already 21!'
parents and relatives keep telling me i'm lucky, be grateful blablabla..

then FUCK OFF.

all my friends own luxury items.
everybody holidays abroad. most have been to europe.
they can take gap months after graduating.
and they enjoy all this without people breathing down their necks constantly, telling them they are unappreciative bitches.

people are usually surprised by how little pocket money i get.
after graduation i get zilch.

s$500 shopping allowance in singapore was compensation for my parents abandoning me at a food court, knowing i have no roaming on my phone, merely because they're both caught up in their own dramas.
it's for the humiliation i experienced while wandering around looking for them, hating the sympathy in parents' friends' eyes.
and for the times they forgot to save me a seat during meals.

so yeah i have it better than some, but if you think my life is a bed of roses, think again.

yes i can compare myself to starving hookers with gambler/drug addict parents.
but my high school buddies are wealthy, my uni mates even more so.
this is the environment i'm in.
plus i don't see my parents being grateful i'm not pregnant/a drug addict/borrowing from loan sharks etc.
so why should i keep being thankful while they keep bemoaning my evilness?

argh was gonna blog about how yummy sangria is..
instead now it's full-blown sangria-induced rant.

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