Friday, 30 December 2011

ikea tempe

yesterday i was bounding around Ikea and fantasising about my bachelorette pad and.. other.. future.. homes.

today i'm sick at home and drinking so much water i feel like a bloody dam!

some more tomorrow is the FIREWORKS! the famous sydney fireworks! if i don't recover i can't go!

it seems that i'm ill almost on a regular basis here, must exercise liao lah!!!!!!!!!!

of course i wanted to buy absolutely every single bloody thing but i only picked up the above rug for the bargain price of $5 so S can have some place to sit when she comes over.

i really love browsing in Ikea, where you can play pretend-- in this house i'm living in a minuscule apartment in.. Japan? (simply because houses there are tiny!). a few steps more and i am in my newlywed home! (too much We Got Married?!)


-in time with you-

also there was the very romantic scene at Ikea in In Time With You.

and 500 days of summer.

i love In time with you so much because it's just a short, normal love story that could happen to anyone of us. k dramas are a bit over where the leads are always ultra-spectacular.

happiness in real life need not be quite so dazzling. i think being together with someone whom you can talk with, someone who can tahan your inadequacies is BEST!

S says i relate to In time with you because i'm 22 and single.. she might be right! but still, it's quite a meaningful drama to be watched and reflected upon quietly *^-^*

Thursday, 29 December 2011

boxing day

i have been absolutely dying to share these shots of Cindy and Millie!

they are Sonya's dogs, and i was at her Boxing Day party in these shots.

(Sonya is S' host mother Ella's daughter. she lives in the BIGGEST home i'd ever been in my life!)

i didn't even finish walking around her garden!

the thing was, S thought my Malaysian home was bigger than Sonya's! she had been imagining something along the lines of Dao Ming Sze (or Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean version). walau eh! if i can live in such a crazy huge home in the city, i wouldn't be constantly checking my bank balance ok!


full of good food and lounging on the sofa in one of the living rooms

i haven't had such good home cooking since i came here.

you know uni students, always buy the cheapest food!

but Ella and Sonya can afford quality, so it really feels like home where mum buys good stuff.

living room #3

right outside this living room is where they breed an unfriendly snake. (the friendly ones are within this space!)

their family pets also include lizards! something like geckos!

i'd noticed that Westerners do not fear little reptiles like most Asians-- they find little geckos adorable and enjoy stroking them! ugh so geli just imagining it!

the kids are really cheeky!

ashley and her brother had a debate over my motherhood status-- ashley says i'm too young to be a mum (because i was only 15 on Boxing day!) vs. her brother claims i'm too old! the nerve!

this was my awesome boxing day.

yummy food, friendly people *^-^*

hope everyone had an amazing one too!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

christmas eve at st mary

my Christmas pressie

on Christmas day i was brisk walking home from the train station when suddenly BAM!

extreme pain.

some kid trying out his new bike had rammed into me from behind. 

when i turned around he had already fled, leaving his bike behind.

but other than that i had a perfect Christmas!

Christmas Eve

we were gonna bake Nigella's Devil's Food Cake--

but because i didn't have the exact tins (and because i'm lazy and prone to tweaking recipes to make life easier, something one should never do with baking), my version turned out like this--

it's still edible, and the icing is luscious, but it's definitely not Devil's Food Cake!


after cake, kimchi, pasta with pesto and earl grey tea with winter melon sugar (the oddest Christmas Eve lunch), S and i proceeded to St Mary's for mass and carols.

Archibald Fountain & St Mary's Cathedral 

God has been smiling down on Sydney during Christmas time. now it's grey, cold and blustery :(

St Mary is huge and S and i had been here to watch the light shows a few days prior.

secret interior of St Mary's

'secret' because we're not supposed to take photos, but S is a pap, so i got this.

to be honest i feel that mass is not for me-- i spent most of the time fidgeting like an overactive child. (i suspect that i would be one of the 'problem kids' if i had gone to church as a little girl).

the church was packed and we had to stand behind, near the entrance.

it was better when we went out to listen to carols, sitting on the steps leading to the church.

my fave was little drummer boy but now it's hark! the herald angels. and mary's boy child.

this photo is one of my faves. so epic. i had no idea what i was doing either. syiok sendiri.

pictures like this one makes people VERY curious to see what my boyfriend looks like.

the next question is whether he is crazy, too.

but i do have normal moments :)

after the carols we went to Woolies to buy a roast chicken for supper at S', but they were all sold out!

so instead we cooked instant mee suah after a LOT of cam-whoring.

this is me mimicking S' smile

S copying my grin, complete with disappearing eyes!

my Christmas gift!

after we had enough pictures to publish our very own coffee table book (where to find 2 girls who can cam-whore so much, really!), it was time to exchange Christmas presents!

S and i bought our gifts for each other secretly, which is kinda tough when we see each other all the time.

like she'll be lounging in my room and suddenly, "what a pretty paper bag! from T2! what did you buy?!"

"um.. it's a secret," was the best i could manage. (and i call myself a postgraduate student!)


we'll be out in the city and S will be half-dead, "i slept at 6am for a couple of hours only.."


"er.. it's a secret.." (she was wrapping my present, note my name cut on the gold paper!)

is this why we're good friends? because our intelligence levels are so similar? 

our impromptu lies are always "it's a secret"!

in S' beautiful room

i have never been to a more beautiful home than S' home stay.

her host mum is a Swedish lady, and the house is all white, airy, and full of ornaments!

usually i dislike trinkets but they looked so charming in the town house.

i'm wearing my gift, which is a Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume in a daisy pendant.

i LOVE it! in fact, i have been coveting Marc Jacobs fragrances for awhile now, but can't buy any because i have 5 opened perfumes--

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Summer (sunscreen smell)

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (flowers. i sniffed it in a magazine and ran out to buy it immediately!)

Clean Pure Cotton (fabric softener)

L'Occitane 4 Roses (it smells like roses to me, but 10/10 boys claim it reminds them of their mothers somehow)

Fragonard Belle Du Nuit (my mum. maybe she wears it too?)

somebody kill me please.
i wanna be the girl who only has 1 single bottle of perfume at any one time.

our attempt at sexy

after showering, we settled down to watch a Hong Kong movie Love is not all around.

looks very rom-com, right?

which it is, light and funny, until the last scenes which kinda slapped everything into reality.

so i recommend watching it until the very end.

i spent all night thinking about the ending.

only managed to rest after i convinced myself that everybody will get what they deserve in the end!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

the secret bird cages

one day S texted me a photo of bird cages, at least a hundred of them, suspended from the sky.

she was ambling around the city near Wynyard, when she turned into Angel Pl and saw the bird cages.

this is the magic of Sydney-- there are beautiful surprises at every corner.

Martin Pl

dunno what i'm so delighted for.

but a plus point about S is that i find it easy to laugh when she is photographing me.

the Christmas tree at Martin Pl

it's huge! and with all the sunshine, i could be in Malaysia!

a random, gorgeous lamp post!

outside St James church

i love Sydney churches, they are the real deal with stained glass windows and all!

lastly, this is a video of S and i unwrapping our Christmas gifts at her beautiful home :)

merry xmas and happy birthday to my little nephew Nathan! *^-^*

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


another interesting person i met-- Renee.

she insisted on having a beer with her supper when she arrived, which made me wonder if she's a closet alcoholic, but it just helps her sleep.

S did the same during our Fiji trip so i'm kinda used to the idea.

60-years-old with a full head of brown hair.

very soft-spoken mother-of-two-- the youngest is my age.

a criminologist before 'it got too depressing because 90% of the criminals will not change!'

all of them had crappy childhoods.

so Renee shared the most important thing she learned from her criminology degree--

I = influence of parents over offspring

personalities are shaped by around 15, and then you are who you are no matter what your parents say.

so, for mothers who have given up work to care for the family, it's always worth it!

my own mum has already offered her babysitting services for her very-unborn grandchildren (yes, my siblings and i are the poster children for Solo).

so at least there's somebody i trust with my very-unborn kids.


met a German girl in Fiji, and we started discussing how people discipline children, Germany vs Malaysia.

she nearly fell into the sea when she heard i had been hit as a child.

'but what do your parents do when you're naughty?' 

'they'll say, go into the garden! we need a break!' she said matter-of-factly.

it's amazing how people can rear children without smacking them.

Monday, 19 December 2011

cairns: tully white water rafting


just noticed that i don't have all Fiji photos yet, so will happily post photos of Cairns first!

so, G and i booked the Cairns Budget Buster through STA again.

and he daren't piss me off because i have all the vouchers!

the Western style of holiday-booking is quite different from the ones i'm used to in Malaysia-- instead of everybody piling into one big bus and completing the trip together, we receive vouchers which we exchange for services.

so basically we just show up as instructed, then we meet different people who booked through different channels every day.

because Cairns is the set-out point to the Great Barrier Reef, we expected there to have pristine beaches but all it had was the above with dirty water.

the community life in this public park seems great, though. in comparison, the streets of Cairns are oddly empty.

after checking in to Gilligan's, we had a dinner of McDonalds sitting by the sea.

Gilligan's was recommended by our travel agent. we picked the cheapest 10-bed option and she didn't warn us that it was exactly above a bloody club.

G was very agitated because he couldn't sleep (apparently he has trouble sleeping whereas i can sleep anywhere, anytime, as long as nobody is snoring beside me.)

our first day was a full day white-water rafting at Tully River, with a 6.40am pickup. explains my crap look?


then how about this-- it was actually 4-bloody-a.m. when we took this.

i'd gotten the time difference mixed up and G almost went crazy but he couldn't do anything because

1. i have the vouchers
2. i have his passport
3. he can set his own bloody alarm otherwise

this should have sent alarm bells ringing, but we waited for 5 minutes like idiots

the dam

the waters of Tully runs from a dam.

it's about a 2-hour van-ride from Cairns.

because Jetstar flies direct from Cairns to Japan, there are heaps of Japanese in Cairns.

we had an English guide and a Japanese one.

helmets, paddles, life jackets

upon reaching, we disembarked and changed into swimsuits.

boardies compulsory for the men-- sometimes the force of the water dislodges tiny trunks heh.

because i had zero intention of getting burnt, i wore a jacket. (was wearing long jeans but G made me take them off!) there was an english girl in the dorm who was so thoroughly cooked she looked like a lobster and spent the night writhing in pain on her bed.

after holidaying with girls who expect me to have the answers to every single question, it's quite refreshing to just stand like a vegetable and let somebody else fiddle with all those straps.

Tully is a medium-scale river, which means it has some exciting bits and some chill parts where it's easy cruising. i thought i would be scared but it was fun!

quite simple, too-- our cute Aussie guide just instructed us and did all the steering plus technical stuff.

there were bits where we could tuck our paddles on the raft and jump into the river for a dip-- for me, this was the most dangerous part, because G would try to drown me.

another activity which freaked me out was rock-jumping. remember that scene in New Moon where Bella hurls herself off the face of the cliff into the water? imagine a less extreme version. initially i thought it would be a piece of cake-- jumping from a high rock into cool water, duh-- but when you're standing on the edge peering down, you're filled with this intense fear. i know i'm not gonna die, but i was still so freaked i only jumped on the second try. now i know why those Korean celebs take forever to do a bungee jump.

we rafted for 2 hours, stopped for a BBQ lunch, then completed within another couple of hours.

back to Cairns!

white water rafting is awesome! if you have the chance, try it! (preferably not in Australia where everything is hideously expensive).

but the sun was so strong G got the first sunburn of his life!

if i go to New Zealand, would like to try black water rafting.