Monday, 31 January 2011

women: powered by hormones

sometimes when i'm pms-ing or menstruating i get angry or depressed with no particular trigger.

last week some idiot kept knocking on my door while i was peeing and in a sudden unexpected spurt of blind fury i punched the door so hard the toilet hushed for a few seconds.

and then when the stupid maybank staff couldn't help me with some problems [i HATE malaysian banking! and other crap such as having to reveal my religious beliefs for job applications. this is DISCRIMINATION!].. i shoved open a door so hard it crashed into the glass wall with the loudest bang and a group of diners stopped to stare.


so it was wise of me not to extend my working hours today as i was already finding myself feeling snappy at customers who order 'caramel'

'caramel what?! caramel latte, caramel frap, caramel cappuccino, caramel macchiato..?!'

or customers who answers 'yes' when i ask them 'hot/iced' or 'having here/takeaway'.

worse, customers who answers 'yes' when i ask 'hot?' then make a fuss at the expedition counter.

worst of all, customers who treat baristas like their personal slaves. every time i see these high-and-mighty punks i think, you guys have no class. my father is richer than you and even he doesn't treat people this way. i mean, requesting we bring the credit card receipt to your table for you to sign?! you just ordered one. single. tall. drink, woman!

just yesterday i lashed out at my friend because he kept asking me if i were sure that my friends are all earning at least rm2k.

'you certain they're not working for relatives?'

'ALL your friends?'


*deep breath* am gonna walk coco later and avoid people in general.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

love/money principle

was nastily jolted awake by my stomach cramping.

decided i was gonna be useless at work anyway and called in sick.

then attempted to distract myself from the pain by surfing the net.


saw a link of some millionaire's words of advice to his daughters.

one of it went something like, do not extract too much. if you love him, you should be saving for the future. if you don't, you'll end up leaving him anyway, so you should not give him a reason to tell other people you're a gold-digger post-split.
haha it reflected how i was brought up.
parents will fret whenever they see a friend that chauffeurs me around or gives me pretty gifts.

they'll grill me about the 'nice people' and remind me to take turns paying.
the dilemma lies in the fact that i love having my boyfriend pay for me, because the relationship feels less real otherwise. i think it goes back to the cave-woman who expected the cave-man to provide for her yada yada.. plus there's something incredibly alluring about the guy who insists on paying, makes him seem that much more alpha or similar.

but then i worry that he'll see me as a high-maintenance gold-digger at the same time.

haha if my dad reads this he'll say, ''get a life, woman! so free to think up these nonsense. you should spend this time making your own money instead!''

Friday, 28 January 2011

mish mash

i am a lover of pretty things. was gonna add 'avid' in front of 'lover' but decided against it as it's not true.

if i were crazy about beautiful stuff i wouldn't be a minimalist.

muse @ jaya1

i love decor that has been thought out, and these dangling light bulbs above the dance floor at muse are my kinda lights. not that i'll ever buy them and install them in my future home. because what if they burn out? i'll have to remain in a permanent state of light bulb-changing. it's thoughts like this, and i have plenty of them, which keeps my bank account with a minimum balance of rm 5 each month.


 din tai fung, the gardens

my bestie returned from peking last week and she dropped by mv to shop.
the reason why i never go shopping when i don't have specific things to buy is because one tends to find things you need during these aimless browses.

my only want was a chanel bag.
then i went shopping with mum and now my chanel fund is officially the mulberry alexa fund haha
next i saw a pair of comfortable-looking ballet flats in hush puppies.. the list goes on.

anyway i'm not sure if it's legal but xian and i papped photos of the most delicious-looking waiter at din tai fung, where i had sour spicy soup noodles as usual.

haha if you ever drop by din tai fung, one of my fave restaurants, check him out!
i don't have his name, but if you see an incredibly cute guy about 18, that's him! xd

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


what always happens when guys meet a cop show
 thai dinner with fann and dad.
am hungry. and unbelievable that i ate more instant noodles at home within a month than i did in my 1 year in australia. gotta start cooking!
20 jan 11

Thursday, 20 January 2011

if you were a porn star..

today is thaipusam.

public holiday.

public holiday crowd.

we were not paid triple.

during break i couldn't wait to escape the crowd and hid in mph, reading cosmo.

betcha didn't know that porn stars select their monikers by the name of their first pet, followed by the name of the street they grew up in.

so mine would be coco jaya?

but then if anybody in my family wanted to enter the industry they'll be coco jaya too!

boy or girl also coco jaya hmm

something new i learned from cosmo.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

fann and i

at digi kpop live party

this morning fann and i went to drop off some stuff at the tzu chi recycling point.
this lady trying to get us to join tzu chi asked, ''are you 2 兄妹 (xiong mei)?'' aka big brother and little sister.

i started glowing, i look young!!

''..or are you 2 a couple?'' *giggle giggle*

ok, not so glowy anymore.. ''no! i'm his big sister!''

always get mistaken but kinda hilarious when i go out with fann's friends for the first time and they all start whispering among themselves then look dumb when we correct them haha!


very pleased that i woke up to go recycling.. and i went after a shower and changing out of my sleep clothes!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

13 Jan 01 [saturday]

my earliest diary
i was digging through a bag of my stuff, looking for my 1119 results, when i decided to flip through my diaries.
haha what can i say?

so childish yet so me. i can vaguely remember each entry..

here's what i would have blogged about 10 years ago if the net had been more prevalent--

i wore the same stuff and wished i was dead. the class was sooo boring. my bro came too, and that makes everything worse. i had to finish my homework in the LRT. anyway my family and i went back to Sri Medan, and I had chocolate waffles while waiting for Mom. When we went to pick Tao up, a cute guy waiting in the same bus-stop commented, ''look at the baby!''
the baby was my 10-year-old brother, cuddled snugly at the back of the jeep with Puggy, his bulldog pup, beside him.
haha this is 100% unedited. i don't recall why my clothes made me 'suicidal'.

or what class bored me.

or why i didn't enjoy hanging out with fann.

but i'm glad mum made me keep my diaries!

and can y'all believe fann still sleeps with Puggy?!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

new year resolution #3 recycle!

how-to-turn-skincare-packaging-into-name card-holder leaflet
recently been finishing a lot of my toiletries-- new shampoo, new moisturizer, new essence, new night jelly, new toner, new body lotion :D
my nose peeled like mad in hk so the shop girls all recommended moisturizing skincare.

sekali return here, i revert back to oily skin =.=''

bought this night jelly in hk.

it was on new year's special, buy 1 free 1!

plus i like naruko's founder niu er ;p grew up watching him on queen!
he's always yakking on about going green.. so i found his product packaging very.. him.

i actually attempted making the name card holder, but my fingers a bit cacat with these artsy stuff [though i can sew beautifully i think!]

i dumped it in the recycling bin after completing it, but i should do more to protect planet earth!

tomorrow i shall bring a tumbler to starbucks instead of using to-go cups!

and i'll try to wake up early enough to volunteer at tzu chi's recycling drive once a month!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


one slow saturday morning, as i was minding my own business at 9am at starbucks, this lady walked in.

me: can i help you?

lady: yes, do you know anybody looking for an accounting job?

me: wow, i'm looking for an accounting job!

so weird kan?


ever since i started working at starbucks, my conversation has been peppered with a lot of malay.

anyway bumped into my high school friend wei lee at mv yesterday.

we went shopping and lunched before my shift.

fell in love with a pair of lace-up peep-toe heeled booties from zara!

they were on special so i was very tempted!

but i'd already given into temptation and bought rm350 worth of clinique skincare with my meager salary T.T

argh i was gonna use the money for something else!

am very pleased with my clinique purchases though.
my skin used to flake like mad.. now only i know the importance of toner!


cappuccino pie

this is our shared dessert from italiennes.
basically vanilla and coffee ice-cream on an oreo base with fudge and vanilla sauce.

Monday, 10 January 2011


So last week I returned from a lovely break in Hk, where all I had to do was stay warm, have fun and look after 7 very cute boys and 2 girls. (haha playing favorites is so my style!)

I was a bit emo having to go back to serving people instead of vice versa but as I was clearing a table for some Taiwanese aunties, they commented in Chinese, "the girls who work at Starbucks are all quite pretty!"

Haha imagine me glowing :D radiating light and heat!

Last time my family went to Hk this grandma came up to my parents and told them they had very beautiful kids. Haha continue glowing! 继续发光发热ing! 燃烧ing XD

I knew I had good genes! My family is full of good-looking people! Tak kan I so unlucky.. Genes mutate and become ugly kan!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

the controversial bag

i'd been wanting a bag like this since.. i started reading Sartorialist i guess.
i didn't buy because i was saving for a 2.55!

but before i flew to hk mum informed me there had been a price hike at chanel!!
i don't even have 10% of the total price yet!
so when i spotted this bag on temple street, i just couldn't resist!


been using it daily, as is my style--
i use all my new stuff to death.. until i buy something else.
then the items will be chucked into a corner of my wardrobe, waiting to be passed on to my skinny cousins.

anyway when mum saw my bag she gasped, 'is that chanel?!!!'
she sounded envious! haha
then she remembered she shouldn't encourage such spendthrift behavior and repeated in a slightly more stern tone which didn't quite cover her excitement, 'is that chanel!'

when i burst her bubble, she said i shouldn't use it as it looks like a fake chanel.
this tainted my delight in my new bag.


then when i brought it to work, everybody had something to say about it--
sau yee says i look ridiculous toting a chain bag while wearing my starbucks uniform.
rafza took one look at me and burst into uncontrollable laughter.
he says i'm more suitable for hip hop style, not lady style [his own words =.=]

wan also found my getup very funny.
she said, this min everyday look like gangster, suddenly carry such a lady bag! hahahahaha!

ana ana.
at least wen qi found the bag cute.


this is 100% different from my high school years, where my friends described me as a girlie girl who dresses tough.

grr my 气质路线!!
and when did i start resembling a gangster?!!
now dunno if i should continue using my bag

Friday, 7 January 2011

my soulmate ;p

recently there has been an influx of mixed kids in starbucks [read: 2]
one of them is a chinese-malay named Amin.
normally i despise people who have similar names as me
[except Ash as 1. her name is Ash;
2. she's pretty]
.. but Amin is one of the few people i click with.

one thing i wish i could change about myself is how i either click with someone or i stubbornly don't.
it's annoying when i spend and spend time with some people but we just don't get beyond the awkward small talk phase.


when Noen commented on how easily i got along with Amin i was like, 'yeah, it's 'cause we have similar names!'
which i actually kinda believe!

because when people apologize to me and i'm in a good mood,
i say, 's'okay, i forgive you.'
[when i'm pissed i snap, 'sorry no cure!']
people are always thrown off by my 'quirky' reply [singaporeans use 'quirky', malaysians use 'weird']

so today i was shocked when i overheard Shahid saying, 'sorry Amin!'
and Amin responding, 'tak pe, aku maafkan.'

haha i hardly hear other people saying the crap i say!
and almost the exact same thing, just in another language!
like my male, malay version yeah ;p

Thursday, 6 January 2011

my assistant leader

for the record i was camping in hk, not shopping!
i don't know why everybody thought i was on a shopping spree!
although i did grab at every opportunity to restock my skincare and update my wardrobe.

my new year resolution #1 is to become a 气质美女

当气质美女的铁则 #101 就是。。
所有听到我叫自己美女的,可以向我拿 rm1!!!
[当然我是开玩笑的,哪来这么多 rm1?!!]


每次努力离题是在干嘛呀 =.=''


我的副队长是个十分可爱 [帅!!] 的 18岁男生。

我: 那与你朋友出去玩的时候呢?
他: 也会。
我: 哈哈哈哈哈
他: [表情 =.=''] 队长你干嘛笑我。我的朋友已习惯了。
我: 哈哈哈哈哈 不是笑你,是我有个朋友以前也是酱,但她现在长大不会了。

[林丽湘 绝对别怀疑,我说的绝对是你!
2 个人约会吃饭,吃完了一起上厕所。。

好,那我继续问: 那与女朋友约会时呢?
他: 我没女朋友。。而且喜欢一个人,与他在一起就必须包容嘛。像队长你的男朋友必须忍受你疯疯癫癫。。


我也会尽量别 over 疯狂!
而且我酱爱玩,大家不必看到我男友就已经很同情他了 =.=''
努力! 奋斗! 不再骂粗口!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

boi's birthday

will have to be at work in 3 hours :(
everything has been unpacked.
new purchases stowed away.
a bit of spring cleaning-- throwing away broken/dirty bags which can still be used.
[i feel guilty but they are too ugly!]
wondering what to do with my scout badges.


last night i accepted a last minute invitation to boi's birthday steamboat at yang's home.
which i accepted because it's the perfect occasion to use all my new makeup, clothes and bag.
i was informed of the celebration prior but they are trying to keep me and harry apart.
apparently we can't attend any functions together-gether.

whatever lah i got to wear my new h&m top [hk$149] so am happy.
i love h&m!!

we played drinking games.
beverage of the night is a cocktail of sunkist concentrate, chivas, 100+, pepper, salt, sugar, soy sauce, chili sauce and coke.

we also lighted a kong ming lantern :)
it was beautiful.. reminded me of rapunzel.
may all our wishes come true!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


on 31 dec 2010 i received a minnie key chain/purse/mirror from my patrol members.

they are 7 of the noisiest yet cutest little boys from foon yew.
only 17-18 years old.

time flies!
it feels like only yesterday i was 14 and sweating at the thai camporee.
now 18-year-olds seem like mere babies.

yunn and i reminisced about the thai camporee..
how young we were..
how there were always a group of thai boy scouts clustered outside our tent, all shyly giving little gifts to tao.
i think that was when i realized how pretty she is.

every time we unzipped the tent, there were always some boy scouts waiting outside with key chains, large carved pencils, assorted memorabilia :)


it was -1degree celsius at the campsite on new year's eve.
i had to keep stamping my feet to keep warm.
but now i can tell people i survived in a tent in -1degree celsius weather! XDD

2010 wasn't easy.
i fought quite a bit with parents.
and i had periods of bleak emo/imba-ness.


but i also realized how resilient i can be [while fighting to board the subway with chinese commuters].

i experienced new levels of breathtaking beauty in inner mongolia.
where the plains are so vast and flat, you can see a cloud with rain fluttering down in the distance.
sampled the most delicious homemade bread, butter and jam.

reconnected with my cousins.
welcomed new additions to the families-- my cousin zack and nephew nathan :)
as well as my first niece! [still pending]

i finally graduated!!
though it's difficult trying to figure out what i like, how i'm gonna earn my living doing something that won't trigger another episode of imba-ness.


minnie compass key chain from disneyland hk [hk$60 = rm30]

this is my new year day's present from andy.
haha who helped us cook dinner instead of merely overseeing as he should on our diy dinner nights because 'girls need help'
which greatly annoyed the other boy scouts who were cooking.

the girl scout and venture in my patrol are somewhat spoiled by the seniors >.<


here's to a better year- 2011!!