Saturday, 15 January 2011

13 Jan 01 [saturday]

my earliest diary
i was digging through a bag of my stuff, looking for my 1119 results, when i decided to flip through my diaries.
haha what can i say?

so childish yet so me. i can vaguely remember each entry..

here's what i would have blogged about 10 years ago if the net had been more prevalent--

i wore the same stuff and wished i was dead. the class was sooo boring. my bro came too, and that makes everything worse. i had to finish my homework in the LRT. anyway my family and i went back to Sri Medan, and I had chocolate waffles while waiting for Mom. When we went to pick Tao up, a cute guy waiting in the same bus-stop commented, ''look at the baby!''
the baby was my 10-year-old brother, cuddled snugly at the back of the jeep with Puggy, his bulldog pup, beside him.
haha this is 100% unedited. i don't recall why my clothes made me 'suicidal'.

or what class bored me.

or why i didn't enjoy hanging out with fann.

but i'm glad mum made me keep my diaries!

and can y'all believe fann still sleeps with Puggy?!

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