Tuesday, 4 January 2011


on 31 dec 2010 i received a minnie key chain/purse/mirror from my patrol members.

they are 7 of the noisiest yet cutest little boys from foon yew.
only 17-18 years old.

time flies!
it feels like only yesterday i was 14 and sweating at the thai camporee.
now 18-year-olds seem like mere babies.

yunn and i reminisced about the thai camporee..
how young we were..
how there were always a group of thai boy scouts clustered outside our tent, all shyly giving little gifts to tao.
i think that was when i realized how pretty she is.

every time we unzipped the tent, there were always some boy scouts waiting outside with key chains, large carved pencils, assorted memorabilia :)


it was -1degree celsius at the campsite on new year's eve.
i had to keep stamping my feet to keep warm.
but now i can tell people i survived in a tent in -1degree celsius weather! XDD

2010 wasn't easy.
i fought quite a bit with parents.
and i had periods of bleak emo/imba-ness.


but i also realized how resilient i can be [while fighting to board the subway with chinese commuters].

i experienced new levels of breathtaking beauty in inner mongolia.
where the plains are so vast and flat, you can see a cloud with rain fluttering down in the distance.
sampled the most delicious homemade bread, butter and jam.

reconnected with my cousins.
welcomed new additions to the families-- my cousin zack and nephew nathan :)
as well as my first niece! [still pending]

i finally graduated!!
though it's difficult trying to figure out what i like, how i'm gonna earn my living doing something that won't trigger another episode of imba-ness.


minnie compass key chain from disneyland hk [hk$60 = rm30]

this is my new year day's present from andy.
haha who helped us cook dinner instead of merely overseeing as he should on our diy dinner nights because 'girls need help'
which greatly annoyed the other boy scouts who were cooking.

the girl scout and venture in my patrol are somewhat spoiled by the seniors >.<


here's to a better year- 2011!!

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