Saturday, 8 January 2011

the controversial bag

i'd been wanting a bag like this since.. i started reading Sartorialist i guess.
i didn't buy because i was saving for a 2.55!

but before i flew to hk mum informed me there had been a price hike at chanel!!
i don't even have 10% of the total price yet!
so when i spotted this bag on temple street, i just couldn't resist!


been using it daily, as is my style--
i use all my new stuff to death.. until i buy something else.
then the items will be chucked into a corner of my wardrobe, waiting to be passed on to my skinny cousins.

anyway when mum saw my bag she gasped, 'is that chanel?!!!'
she sounded envious! haha
then she remembered she shouldn't encourage such spendthrift behavior and repeated in a slightly more stern tone which didn't quite cover her excitement, 'is that chanel!'

when i burst her bubble, she said i shouldn't use it as it looks like a fake chanel.
this tainted my delight in my new bag.


then when i brought it to work, everybody had something to say about it--
sau yee says i look ridiculous toting a chain bag while wearing my starbucks uniform.
rafza took one look at me and burst into uncontrollable laughter.
he says i'm more suitable for hip hop style, not lady style [his own words =.=]

wan also found my getup very funny.
she said, this min everyday look like gangster, suddenly carry such a lady bag! hahahahaha!

ana ana.
at least wen qi found the bag cute.


this is 100% different from my high school years, where my friends described me as a girlie girl who dresses tough.

grr my 气质路线!!
and when did i start resembling a gangster?!!
now dunno if i should continue using my bag

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kent said...

use the bags, don't get influence so easily ~