Sunday, 16 January 2011

fann and i

at digi kpop live party

this morning fann and i went to drop off some stuff at the tzu chi recycling point.
this lady trying to get us to join tzu chi asked, ''are you 2 兄妹 (xiong mei)?'' aka big brother and little sister.

i started glowing, i look young!!

''..or are you 2 a couple?'' *giggle giggle*

ok, not so glowy anymore.. ''no! i'm his big sister!''

always get mistaken but kinda hilarious when i go out with fann's friends for the first time and they all start whispering among themselves then look dumb when we correct them haha!


very pleased that i woke up to go recycling.. and i went after a shower and changing out of my sleep clothes!


Micah Sun said...

aiyo! what an interesting day. Happy MLK weekend!

MiN said...

u have a good 2011 too! :D