Sunday, 30 January 2011

love/money principle

was nastily jolted awake by my stomach cramping.

decided i was gonna be useless at work anyway and called in sick.

then attempted to distract myself from the pain by surfing the net.


saw a link of some millionaire's words of advice to his daughters.

one of it went something like, do not extract too much. if you love him, you should be saving for the future. if you don't, you'll end up leaving him anyway, so you should not give him a reason to tell other people you're a gold-digger post-split.
haha it reflected how i was brought up.
parents will fret whenever they see a friend that chauffeurs me around or gives me pretty gifts.

they'll grill me about the 'nice people' and remind me to take turns paying.
the dilemma lies in the fact that i love having my boyfriend pay for me, because the relationship feels less real otherwise. i think it goes back to the cave-woman who expected the cave-man to provide for her yada yada.. plus there's something incredibly alluring about the guy who insists on paying, makes him seem that much more alpha or similar.

but then i worry that he'll see me as a high-maintenance gold-digger at the same time.

haha if my dad reads this he'll say, ''get a life, woman! so free to think up these nonsense. you should spend this time making your own money instead!''

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