Friday, 28 January 2011

mish mash

i am a lover of pretty things. was gonna add 'avid' in front of 'lover' but decided against it as it's not true.

if i were crazy about beautiful stuff i wouldn't be a minimalist.

muse @ jaya1

i love decor that has been thought out, and these dangling light bulbs above the dance floor at muse are my kinda lights. not that i'll ever buy them and install them in my future home. because what if they burn out? i'll have to remain in a permanent state of light bulb-changing. it's thoughts like this, and i have plenty of them, which keeps my bank account with a minimum balance of rm 5 each month.


 din tai fung, the gardens

my bestie returned from peking last week and she dropped by mv to shop.
the reason why i never go shopping when i don't have specific things to buy is because one tends to find things you need during these aimless browses.

my only want was a chanel bag.
then i went shopping with mum and now my chanel fund is officially the mulberry alexa fund haha
next i saw a pair of comfortable-looking ballet flats in hush puppies.. the list goes on.

anyway i'm not sure if it's legal but xian and i papped photos of the most delicious-looking waiter at din tai fung, where i had sour spicy soup noodles as usual.

haha if you ever drop by din tai fung, one of my fave restaurants, check him out!
i don't have his name, but if you see an incredibly cute guy about 18, that's him! xd

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