Friday, 7 January 2011

my soulmate ;p

recently there has been an influx of mixed kids in starbucks [read: 2]
one of them is a chinese-malay named Amin.
normally i despise people who have similar names as me
[except Ash as 1. her name is Ash;
2. she's pretty]
.. but Amin is one of the few people i click with.

one thing i wish i could change about myself is how i either click with someone or i stubbornly don't.
it's annoying when i spend and spend time with some people but we just don't get beyond the awkward small talk phase.


when Noen commented on how easily i got along with Amin i was like, 'yeah, it's 'cause we have similar names!'
which i actually kinda believe!

because when people apologize to me and i'm in a good mood,
i say, 's'okay, i forgive you.'
[when i'm pissed i snap, 'sorry no cure!']
people are always thrown off by my 'quirky' reply [singaporeans use 'quirky', malaysians use 'weird']

so today i was shocked when i overheard Shahid saying, 'sorry Amin!'
and Amin responding, 'tak pe, aku maafkan.'

haha i hardly hear other people saying the crap i say!
and almost the exact same thing, just in another language!
like my male, malay version yeah ;p

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