Thursday, 13 January 2011

new year resolution #3 recycle!

how-to-turn-skincare-packaging-into-name card-holder leaflet
recently been finishing a lot of my toiletries-- new shampoo, new moisturizer, new essence, new night jelly, new toner, new body lotion :D
my nose peeled like mad in hk so the shop girls all recommended moisturizing skincare.

sekali return here, i revert back to oily skin =.=''

bought this night jelly in hk.

it was on new year's special, buy 1 free 1!

plus i like naruko's founder niu er ;p grew up watching him on queen!
he's always yakking on about going green.. so i found his product packaging very.. him.

i actually attempted making the name card holder, but my fingers a bit cacat with these artsy stuff [though i can sew beautifully i think!]

i dumped it in the recycling bin after completing it, but i should do more to protect planet earth!

tomorrow i shall bring a tumbler to starbucks instead of using to-go cups!

and i'll try to wake up early enough to volunteer at tzu chi's recycling drive once a month!

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