Monday, 10 January 2011


So last week I returned from a lovely break in Hk, where all I had to do was stay warm, have fun and look after 7 very cute boys and 2 girls. (haha playing favorites is so my style!)

I was a bit emo having to go back to serving people instead of vice versa but as I was clearing a table for some Taiwanese aunties, they commented in Chinese, "the girls who work at Starbucks are all quite pretty!"

Haha imagine me glowing :D radiating light and heat!

Last time my family went to Hk this grandma came up to my parents and told them they had very beautiful kids. Haha continue glowing! 继续发光发热ing! 燃烧ing XD

I knew I had good genes! My family is full of good-looking people! Tak kan I so unlucky.. Genes mutate and become ugly kan!

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