Tuesday, 11 January 2011


one slow saturday morning, as i was minding my own business at 9am at starbucks, this lady walked in.

me: can i help you?

lady: yes, do you know anybody looking for an accounting job?

me: wow, i'm looking for an accounting job!

so weird kan?


ever since i started working at starbucks, my conversation has been peppered with a lot of malay.

anyway bumped into my high school friend wei lee at mv yesterday.

we went shopping and lunched before my shift.

fell in love with a pair of lace-up peep-toe heeled booties from zara!

they were on special so i was very tempted!

but i'd already given into temptation and bought rm350 worth of clinique skincare with my meager salary T.T

argh i was gonna use the money for something else!

am very pleased with my clinique purchases though.
my skin used to flake like mad.. now only i know the importance of toner!


cappuccino pie

this is our shared dessert from italiennes.
basically vanilla and coffee ice-cream on an oreo base with fudge and vanilla sauce.

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