Tuesday, 22 February 2011


you know when you want to do something indulgent but can't bring yourself to do it because (usually for me) it costs money?

then along came a reason.. like buying new makeup and shoes before a night out.

or showing brand loyalty to origins, m.a.c., robinsons and metro because they have recycling programs/member cards.


when eunice told me 'rose is the scent of love!' -- and related a story about how her taiwanese friend is obsessed with this type of draw-love-into-your-life semi-voodoo stuff and is now dating this really nice, unbelievably wealthy heir in melbourne-- i was elated. 
(i'd hung out with the guy before, he was so humble i was stunned when i knew he's loaded beyond my wildest imagination.)

i love, love, love rose-scented products but you don't get good ones from pharmacists. (yes i'm so terribly thrifty i'd tried using prefers rose milk shampoo before.)

l'occitane and anna sui does the best rose-scented products, crabtree & evelyn a close second, but they cost more.. but because i might end up dating a rich heir, this is actually my way of expressing filial piety to my parents!

nice toiletries are considered an extravagance to me because they're fcmg unlike, say, luxury bags.

but yesterday i treated myself to some fcmg which is now sitting prettily on my desk :D

job job JOB!! 

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