Monday, 14 February 2011

freaky friday

on friday i went to sunway to burn my cny money *sigh*

found a pair of lightweight, cheap, gorgeous nude strappy heels from treats for rm79.90.

my first time shopping in heels!

felt so grown up and shite :DD


then my friend and i went to the restaurant which everybody hates except me.

i have the weirdest taste.

i love guys who look like drug addicts. there seems to be extra many of them traipsing into starbucks today ;p

haha my poor friend had to suffer through his lunch xdd

[it's full house btw]


then we watched green hornet which i liked despite the awkward acting.

first time turned on by a car!! many first times today neh xdd

i'd seen so many worse movies than this during cny that this is suddenly elevated in my heart as a Good Movie!


then i lost my way driving to taylors lakeside to pick up fann.

when i finally reached 45 minutes later than i should, i parked the car in front of the uni and got out so i could ride shotgun.

i left the engine idling and shut the driver's door.


the car automatically locked so i was stranded outside the locked car with the key still in the ignition and the engine running !@#$!!

felt so sueh =.=

fann was pissed as hell.. but lakeside is beautiful!

it's been awhile since i saw so many pretty young things dressed to the nines.


parents came to save our asses.

tapao-ed rt pastry american cheesecake, black forest and a chocolate swiss roll.

then snowflake as well.

haha my family has the bad but utterly indulgent habit of buying entire cakes for no special occasion.

we shocked eunice during cny when i said i had a craving for cake one night and we just drove to the cake shop beside secret recipe and bought a tiramisu haha.


hearting bruno mars' marry you!!

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