Sunday, 20 February 2011


after the fanta-bulous secret garden have been rediscovering my love for k-pop.

whenever i wear my hair up i only do it the way my korean ex-colleague taught me.

so hyun used to tie my hair before every shift :)

today noen commented on the layers.. k-fashion quite awesome kan!!

noen loves playing with pudding camera.. when i saw this i was stupefied-- when did i prop my leg up like that?!

seriously my man-ness is 1000% subconscious now!!

chowing down my english muffin, which i eat whenever possible.

because it's the tastiest and most-filling food under rm7.50

other yummy starbucks food--

  • mushroom melt
  • blueberry scone [with caramel drizzle]
  • chocolate tuxedo
  • classic donut is alright
my fave starbucks beverage--

  • venti caramel frap affogato with whipped cream [nobody can finish this humongous drink but somehow the tall version doesn't taste as good]
  • espresso frap [i only take decaf coffee]
  • iced vanilla/caramel soy latte
  • soy caramel macchiato
  • raspberry blackcurrant frap
  • coffee of the week [cow] if one is into black coffee
fantastic pairings-- casi cielo with chocolate tuxedo wow


running a fever.. interview at 11am tomorrow for an audit assistant job [yawn].

still surfing the net while waiting for my hair to air dry!

some people always blow dry their hair but am too lazy.

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