Saturday, 19 February 2011


yesterday was lam's farewell party at mist.

mist is a kids' joint.. many oddly-dressed teens there.

prefer zouk's older crowd and sophistication.

heaps of beautiful people there, though. more than zouk. maybe because of the younger crowd?

got happy after half a strong drink xdd

then my bro told me something funny haha.

'you're not 18!!' he accused as soon as he saw me.

hahahahahahahaha! such a baby, believed me when i said i'm 18.


something must be wrong with the air con on the dance floor, i was practically dripping in sweat, i wonder how people can tahan to dance with me!

what surprised me with their tahan-ness was my waterproof makeup!

next to wen qi i look like i'm bare faced!

see all my hair plastered to my head?

my foundation, concealer, blusher and powder all slid off.. must have gone through a packet of tissues last night [to soak up the sweat!!]

but walau my eyeliner and mascara still there!!

eyeliner a bit flaky but already quite fantastic seeing as my hair and my clothes were semi-soaked with perspiration.

clarins wonder perfect mascara, rm 82

am a fan of clarins and robinsons in general.

bought this last christmas and the sales girl was very friendly unlike a bitchy one from clinique metrojaya.

am still looking for the ultimate budge-proof eyeliner.

have tried kate liquid, m.a.c. gel [am a total m.a.c. whore], elianto, heavy rotation perfect liquid, cyber colors gel.. all failed the test of my oily eyelids.

forgot if i'd tried kiss me heroine make and if it's good. if i don't record something i 1000% sure forget.

i think kiss me heroine make mascara should be quite tahan also. cover girl lash blast s super tahan!! an aussie girl recommended it to me and it really stays on.

estee lauder, maybelline, silkygirl and majolica majorca lash gorgeous wing, meh.


aspri mera ke ya mas is my new on-repeat-mode song.

sung by agnes baltsa, got it from cyrano agency.

it means 'there will be better days even for us'.


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