Friday, 18 February 2011

new food

my friend gave this to me one day.. it's bak gua in stick form ;p

special kan?

kinda reminds me of the mini hot dogs with corn packaged in an identical manner i sampled in china.


celebrated cap goh mei with a bak kut teh dinner with fann and dad.

recently decided i'm probably not gonna do masters anymore.

i know my parents always say 'do what you like' but it actually comes with a silent 'but make sure what you like is what we like'

they are skeptical of any postgraduate courses i am considering to apply for if it's not accounting.

which i effing HATE.

so to people who thought i was incredibly dumb not to remain in melbourne, you're kinda correct because my trade-off didn't exactly materialize as planned.

but i disliked melbourne anyway. so there!

[sigh] that doesn't stop me from feeling frustrated though :(

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