Monday, 14 February 2011

rampant plagiarism

my preference to shop alone freaks some people out but guess what?

research shows that i'm in the majority whee!

the only people i can shop with is eunice and my family.

they didn't have this when i was down under!!

anyway i wouldn't have bought it if the price isn't right.


community dinner on saturday night.

it was raining when we went.. when the rain stopped and we didn't know where to stow our umbrellas, dad had the ingenious idea of stabbing them into the ground.

for a girl who had spent a year in au and who wears very little clothes at times i am extremely superstitious!

this is inauspicious! but i had no better ideas so i just let it be.

lots of fireworks :) happy valentine's


cousin shuhong kinda gave guy advice over dinner haha

er, something about acting like you have something.. then the boys will swarm

too theoretical xdd guess i'm stuck with eunice's roses idea then

ps. i asked my colleagues [both male and female] and the uncontested verdict is.. KEEPING PHOTOS OF YOUR EX IS WRONG!!

just so you know xdd 

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