Thursday, 17 February 2011


delectable cookie from angie

my bro was like, is angie your new best friend or what? because every day lately i'd been yapping about angie this and angie that.

she can really talk to people.. if i had half her skills i'll be fantastic!

valentine note from noen xd

pudding camera basic dazzle

pudding camera basic mono

pudding camera basic noir

pudding camera basic vivid

how did everybody spend their valentines? genuinely curious..

heard stories about overpriced dinners..

read about tao's fantasy valentine.


my ultimate valentine would be staying in together with the love of my life, just chilling.

and do the dress-up-fancy-night-about-town another time.

flowers aren't my style but after reading a natalie portman interview, decided it would be delicious to receive jewelry.

natalie said that receiving jewelry is never overrated, and you'll only understand why women place such emphasis on getting jewelry from their loved ones when you experience it.

can't wait to grow up and receive jewelry!

a bit lopsided looking in this but this looks almost exactly like one of the photos of me as a child!

very confused expression but i like it.

am wearing my new alice band everywhere. my face is not made for alice bands but this keeps my hair off my face so well i don't care.

it freaked raf and mum out though xdd.

and it's funny how everybody who sees my earrings attempt to read the words engraved on them.

too small lah!!

guys' faces fall when i tell them it just says 

please return to
tiffany & co
new york

girls will be more admiring xdd

truly glad i bought the earrings.

am a big believer in quality over quantity.

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