Wednesday, 2 February 2011


am watching secret garden after fann has finished it!

haha it makes no logical sense so far and hyun bin is too skinny [i feel hungry just looking at his gaunt face] but i love how bitchy everybody is to each other.

i always think god made me fat because if i were thin and ravishing i'm fairly certain i won't be as nice.
but a friend actually said i'm kind. wow. wee~


another friend describes me as 'stubborn' but i retorted 'so are you!'
we have different values but he kept trying to change mine but i wouldn't budge so it led to me being labeled as 'stubborn'.
but the fact that he persisted in attempting to influence me proves he's just as hard-headed as i am haha!
happy cny!

ps. this is hyun bin in the previous work i saw him in! so much healthier-looking! i'm a huge ass fan of skinny but for once i think someone went overboard!

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